Thursday, 21 July 2011

Keeping the IHSW spirit / Mantendo o espirito do IHWS

I decided to keep the IHSW spirit during my "weekend" since my days off from work are Monday and Tuesday, and therefore I spent two more days almost only stitching.
I haven't stitched much, or at least not as much as I would have liked too (as usual) but I still managed to get almost another finish, I stitched Stressed out Cat by Margaret Sherry (in theory it's finished but I want to add an extra sentence) and I did stitch two more columns on the SAL SK Treasures... I'm hoping that by tomorrow, Thursday I'll have the first page finished, or nearly finished so I can go back to Jasmin and try to have it finished by the weekend and have a week full of finishings, since it will be Stressed Out Cat finished, 1st page of Treasures finished, and Jasmin finished as well... Now the photos will be just after the Portuguese version of the post since I got my mum following my blog to see my progress too :)

Decidi manter o espirito do IHSW durante o meu "fim-de-semana" uma vez que os meus dias de folga são Segunda e Terça, e assim passei mais dois dias quase só a bordar. Não bordei muito, ou pelo menos não tanto como queria (como de costume) mas mesmo assim consegui ter mais um projecto quase acabado, bordei o "Stressed Out Cat" da Margaret Sherry (na teoria está acabado, mas eu quero acrescentar mais uma frase) e consegui bordar mais duas colunas no "SAL SK Treasures"... eu espero conseguir acabar a primeira página amanhã, quinta-feira, ou ficar muito perto disso, para poder voltar ao "Jasmim" durante o fim-de-semana e quem sabe conseguir acabá-lo e assim ter uma semana cheia de projectos completos uma vez que entretanto acabo o "Stressed out Cat", acabo a primeira página do "Treasures" e também o Jasmim... e agora o mais importante, as fotografias:

Monday, 18 July 2011

IHSW stitching

Hi everyone,
I hope you all had a lovely weekend full of stitches, specially for those who joined the IHSW, I know I did stitch a lot although I was working (I was lucky that it was a quite weekend in terms of work). I've foused on Jasmin and all I have to stitch now is the flowers and do the backstitch. I've managed to complete the blue background and stitch the greens.

Here is how it's now:

And now since this is the SK SAL week I'll stop a little bit with Jasmin and I'm going to try and finish the 1st page of it. I've more than half already done. But before I jump to it I want to stitch the Stressed Out Cat from Margaret Sherry. I'm hoping it will only take a few hours, since it only has a few stitches in one colour and then it's bakstitch.

Thanks for reading and Happy Stitches

Friday, 15 July 2011

Two days progress on Jasmin

I'm really happy with the amount of progress I did in two days so I decided to share with you, I stithed around 700 stitches per night and I'm really liking because not only I see the background grow, but I can see where the leaves and flowers will go.
Now if I manage to keep this rhythm I think I'll have a finish earlier than I thought :) and there's IHSW coming to stitch even more :)

This is how it was on Tuesday before I pick it:

And this is how it is when I stopped on Thursday night:

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

What've been doing...

I know, I know, it's been a while since my last posting regarding my projects. But as it happens in the beggining of every month I've had tons of work to do and little stitching time. But I did stitch and spent my "weekend" (my days of are Monday and Tuesday" dedicated to stitching. And I was able to complete one of my monthly goals, not that they are that many xD.
I finally caught up with the SAL Tree of Stitches of Abi, and now I've completed part 13 (it's nearly finishing). I've to do some adjustments since I made some mistakes like wrongly finding the center and therefore getting a wee bit short on the top and miscounting some stitches and so I went round the issue when there was too much to frog. But I think it's ok, and apart the big center problem, i don't think you can tell where the other misltakes are.

And here are the piccs a general view:

And a close up to the new stitched parts:
   Part 7-9 
Part 10-11
Part 12-13

Also I dyed another piece of fabric, this time it was blue, and here is the final result. I really like it :)
I've put a piece of white paper on top. To work as a comparisson.

And this is what I'll be stithing on it:
It's from Cross Stitch Magazine, and it's perfect for one of my grandmother's since she loves orchids and I think that by now she has one sample of almost all orchids in her house and they are gorgeous.

And to finish this huge post, I'll be stitching on Jasmin until the SK SAL starts... this is how I left it the last time I stithed on it:

Ohhhh!! By the way... if you managed to read this far I also wanted to let you know about the International Hermit and Stitch Weekend that Joysze hosts on her blog... I'm already in for this month and if you want to try it just go here.

And finally stop with the talk and back to stitching :)

Happy Stitches everyone 

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Amazing Giveaway

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to share with you a giveaway that The StitchersMarket are having. They are starting a craft shop online (one more to spend money at, for me :)) and to celebrate that and the 4th of July they are offering an amazing chart from Lizzie Kate.
If you want to try your luck and have a look at their blog here is the link:

Monday, 4 July 2011

My TUSAL and JULY goals

I had to start with the picture since the title says it all :D
As per my July goals this month I'm thinking of keeping them short and long, instead of trying to jump between them all so here they are:

1 - Complete page 1 of SK Treasures, only 3 1/5 columns to go (less than half)
2 - Catch up with the Tree of Stitches SAL, I'm need to stitch 6? more different stitches
3 - Finish DMC Jasmin (I decided that I have to have at least one finish per month and won't start anything else until I finished at least one project)

And for now these are my goals, if I finished them before the end of the month, I'll add one or two more :)

Friday, 1 July 2011

Dragon Fae 1 and Tree of Stitches

As the title says, that's what I've been working on this week, I've done a couple more stitches on Dragon Fae and completed my first page, and did a bit more, and managed to stitch up to Part 7 on my Tree of Stitches, I must say i'm really enjoying learning all the new stitches :)

And here are the pictures of my work