Thursday, 2 July 2020

june review and goals for July

Hi everyone,

I'm due a few posts so this is going to be somewhat long, i have been stirching, but not every day... I ended up getting distracted reading and my stitching stood in the corned, i'm giving a try to the audiobooks to see if i can combine the 2.

I can't believe there is another month gone, what is happening to time, half of the year passed and i'm still stuck in March?! Am i the only one that lost track of time with all the crazyness going around?

But looking at my stitching i'm quite pleased with my progress, i achieved the lower goals i had set for both of my wips, and though i was hoping i'd complete the 2nd page of the No Words Needed (if i had stitched on the last few days i would have) i knew the 2nd of little miss was close to impossible when i realized the actual stitching, when converted into pages (it would have meant about 5 pages). In total I stitched the equivalent to 3 pages of i was stitching by page instead of rows. 

So my goal for July are:
- no words needed complete the 3rd row (finish current page and another 2 full pages plus 1 small partial)

- Little Miss Deelish and Sweet Treats Trixie complete another 30 rows.

And for the best part, how both projects were at rhe beginning of June and how they are now. 

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Saturday, 20 June 2020


Hi everyone, been a few days since last time I posted, but i'm still busy stitching, and end up getting too distracted by it. Lately been working out on Little Miss Deelish and Sweet Treats Trixie stopped last night and today i'm picking up No words needed again... I treated myself to a elbesee rotating frame (no budget for a millenium or quantum frames) i had ordered the clip on frame but got the sewing one (thought i was going to hate it - as i hate stitching) and i actually did ok wasn't as bad as i thought, the downfall is that i can't have other projects rotating on the frame which will limit my options - that might actually be a good thing.
I'm now trying solutions for the side tension... Trying the lace technique I saw, but still not 100% happy... So a shout to those using rotating frames, how do you keep the fabric tension to be drum tight?

As for the IHSW, this is how my projects were looking before Friday when the IHSW officially started for me. 

Tuesday, 9 June 2020

weekly update

Hi eveeyone,

As I'm happilly stitching i noticed that the 3 day rotation wasn't really cutting it for me, as when i was finally in the "moment" with the wip it was time again to put it down, so i'm changing it to a weekly rotation, still aiming to achieve both goals and really trying to reach the "hard mode" ones... So far so good as you can see feom the pics below, i'm now back on stirching No Words Needed and I believe i should have another page finish either tonight if i work for it, or dedinitely tomorrow. I went over all my posts and was able to calculate hoe many days of stitching i've done so far on it as well, so can add and tag that info (curious to see how many stitching days it will take me to finish my projects) 

Now onto the best part:
HAED - No Words Needed 
Stitched on 28ct white evenweave 2x1 tent stitch

HAED - Little Miss Deelish and Sweet Treats Trixie 
Stitched on 28ct magic count evenweave
2x1 tent stitch
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Tuesday, 2 June 2020

May report and June goals

Hi everyone,

I'm really happy that i've come back to the stitching world.
Now I see what i was missing all this time... Really happy that i happened to read about rhe pattern keeper app to get my mojo all jumping and calling...
It's been two weeks since i returned with a fury, am now stitcking to two cross-stitch projects and one knitting project (not working that much on this later), I'm decided to finish my projects so working this way and as i finish one it will be replaced by another... So far works well as my daughter wants me to stitch only on her project, and so we compromised to 3 days on each of the Two. I want to finish No Words Needed this time, and I started a new project choosen by the little miss, and the name of the projext fits well with her Little Miss Deelish and Sweet Treats Trixie (of course it had to have a unicorn).

Looking to this month success what did I achieve? On No Words Needed i was able to complete one more page (13) and start a second (14).

From this:
To this:
On Little Miss Deelish and Sweet Treats Trixie 
It was a start (as i have ir on my rods, I'll be working from top to bottom - not necessarily by page) - and because the background pink is 99000 stitches i'm alternating between stitching one lenght of one colour and one lenght of the background pink until it all gets done. Now waiting anxiously for the threads i have coming to arrive, so i can keep doing the stars and might change to work in rows, maybe).
Anyway, this is the before:
And after 10.000+ stitches in it already
Onto my goals for June. 
I'm stircking to try a minimum of 700 stitches a day (so far has been higher rhan this apart from 1 day) and with that I hope as a easy goal to complete one more page on No Words Needed, and hard goal get 2 pages completed.
On Little Miss Deelish and Sweet Treats Trixie to reach 10% done as minimum goal and 15% as the hard level goal...
Now let June roll and see what we can achieve... 

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Friday, 29 May 2020

week 2 result and getting ready for weekend.

Hi everyone,

I'm still being good stitching my lockdown away... And workin on my 2 wips, under constant agreements with my little missy as she keeps trying to convince me i should only stitch on her project, and i keep telling her i want to stitch on mine too... At the moment we got to the compromise of stitching on each for 3 days in a row and rhen swap (given I get 1 day free, might dedicate that to my knitting - that would be a good balance, need to find how to work for the best days for stitching) this means i spent some time on each project and got some good improvements to show and tell for.

On the 25th i ran out of pink for stars so started the black outline

Then 26th i moved to No words Needed and finished another page 13/36. And started my work on page 14 on the other 2 days
Now back to working on Little Miss Deelish throughout the weekend. 

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Monday, 25 May 2020

Week 2 - start

Hi everyone,

Still keeping up my good work with the stitching... I'm loving it, and even my daughter is pushing me to stitch because she wants to see more... And did I mentioned that she is learning how to stitch... Coming quite well for a 5 year old if you ask me, and nearly finishing her own project...

I also started a Facebook page for my stitching... I plan to update it weekly, so will be updating once here, once on Facebook, at different days. 
If you want to follow:

Been stitching more than the 700 stitches daily I had set for myself so I'm really happy with it... And even on Saturday evening after frigging over 400 stitches I still managed to do more than 700...
And this is my daily photos until today:

HAED - Little Miss Deelish and Sweet Treats Trixie 
5155 stitches/ 252900 (2.04%)

HAED - No Words Needed 
86503/208800 stitches 

Friday, 22 May 2020

First week back to stitching

Hi everyone,

As I'm planning to post more regularly, here goes the result of my first week back to stitching... 
I kept working on No Words Needed, but in the meantime I have received my fabric order from Lakeside Needlecraft and also started my second project "Little Miss Deelish and Sweet Treats Trixie" by Hanna Lynn. I started this on magic count 28ct evenweave (my first time using pregridded fabric and I love it) and also doing tent stitch.
With my order I got a few samples of Binca 6ct as my 5 year old daughter wanted to learn to stitch... And have to say she is doing great at it. 

And so onto the progress pictures: