Monday, 29 August 2011

Update on MP and Giveaways

So 12 days have passed since I started the MP and I've already stitched 7475 stitches so I'm on the good way to have it finished with plenty of time left (or so I hope).

Now I've heard and found a couple of giveaways that I wanted to share :)

  • If you like fabric Cross Stitch Drama Queen is having the perfect giveaway for you just check it here
  • If you like scrapbooking than you definitely should check lanybleu stitches, she's offering a gorgeous software program 

Monday, 22 August 2011

IHSW results

So I did spent the weekend only stitching (and from time to time working) and I'm really happy with the results, on Saturday I only stitched on my Mistery Project, I was able to put it more 906 stitches, so I now have 3902 stitches (done over 5 stitching days) of 27750, I just hope I can keep the pace, that way I'll have more than time to finish it properly...
Now on Sunday I changed to SK Treasures (it's the SAL weekend for it) because I wanted to have a picture to share too... I stitched the first column (950 stitches), I think today I'll stitch a bit more on SK Treasures, since it's on the stand and I'll change to the MP later on tonight... and here is the photo :)

Saturday, 20 August 2011

New Project and IHSW stitching

Hi everyone,
I haven't posted much I know, and I also know that until next month there will be only a few pictures to share.
The reason for this is because I've a new project started on the go with a total of 27750 stitches that I want (read must) to finish until mid-October so the result is I stopped all my other projects to focus on this one. On 4 days I've already stitched a total of 2996 stitches so if I keep up the pace I'll be able to finish it on time. As you probably have noticed by now I'm not giving any details about this mistery project because it's for someone that reads my blog and I don't want to ruin the surprise. But although I don't share the picture, I'll update you on my progress by sharing the number of stitches it has.
As this weekend is the IHWS again, I plan to stitch on my Mistery Project for the full day today and tomorrow I'll make an exeption day and stitch on SK Treasures, since we received the 2nd page this week and I want to have a picture to share as well and not only a boring text :)

And because I don't want to close the post with no pictures to show.... I'll share with you some of my first projects stitched years ago.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Happy dance time and lovely giveaways

Hi everyone,

I finished my Tree of Stitches on Thursday, a lovely design made by Abi Gurden for a SAL she held at the Yahoo Group she owns TheStitchSpecialists (if you love speciality stitches or want to learn how to stitch them, this is the group ;) ).

I really enjoyed doing it and Abi's instructions were great to follow, it made all the stitches look so easy to stitch... and this is my Tree finished (I still have to wash it and iron it, but couldn't wait more to share it with you)
The Tree

Lester the Owl

And Horace the rabbit

Now moving to my other topic,

Kaye is having a gorgeous giveaway to celebrate her 20 followers, it's a lovely blog to follow so I would recomend you to have a peak. here is the link for her giveaway which will close on the 19th of August.


Dixiesamplar is also offering a giveaway for her new blog, since she lost the previous one

Thanks for comming by and
Happy Stitches to all 

Thursday, 11 August 2011

It's really been that long

Wow... Only now I realized for how long I haven't posted here.... but in my defence I have a good excuse, my computer and blogger weren't getting along and my net kept rashing wenever I tried to post something and then I had a week holidays, booked on really short notice by boss demands, and I spent it painting the house, so for one week there was no internet for me :(... How I missed it...
But anyway, enough with the omplaints and excuses and lets go to the interesting part. And get ready for a long post because today I have tons of things to share.
So first of all, July goals, were all completed, yay for me ^^ I finished Jasmin :)
Here is the piccie before I washed it.

I caught up with the TOS, and great news were waiting for me when I got back and read my e-mails, part 15 has been released (the last part) which I'll be stitching tonight for sure, and Abi revealed the next SAL... and boy ohhh you can count me in the Owl is just sooooo cute :). (You can see a pic of it a few posts down)

And last goal was to complete the 1st page of SK Treasures which I also did, so now I'm waiting for the next page to be released to keep stithching her :)...

So jumping to August goals here they are:
1 - Finish the TOS (it's as it's done already :D)
2 - Stitch half of the 2nd page of SK Treasures on the week of the SAL
3 - Finish the 2nd page of QS Believe (it's what I've been stitching these past few days, although I hardly stitched a thing :X)
4 - Finish at least 2 of the 3 missing corners of my mum's table cloth....

Extra goal if i still have time - start Orchid from Cross Stitcher

And here is the pic. of QS Believe as of today :)
(sorry for the quality)

With the beginning of a new month and with a new moon there's TUSAL to show, so.... very, very late here is my TUSAL pic:

Ok, so cheking my checklist of what I wanted to share on this huge post the only thing missing are the giveaways... I must say Lucky me ^^

I won Julie and Yes Dear giveaway and I'll be able to get some goddies from HAED, thank you so much for your kindness Julie :) I'll let you all know which charts I picked when I have decided, for now I'm sure I'll get Aries QS and Sagitarius QS by Sara Butcher (my partner's and my zodiac signs respectivelly) but I'm still thinking which ones I'll pick.

Finally last, but not least for sure, my dearest friend Cucki is having a gorgeous giveaway you can check it here :).

And I think it's all for now, thanks if you were able to keep with me up to the end of this huge post :)

Happy stitches