Saturday, 26 May 2012

Guess what.... another late post for IHSW and TUSAL

Hi everyone...
I'm still here, late, as usual... but still alive and stitching... It's been a week since IHSW and I'm only posting my progress pictures now (ups... I guess in my case I'll adjust the "W" for Week instead of Weekend... tht way I'm perfectly on time... can I Joysze :D eheheh)...
In my defense... I might not be posting a lot (I'll blame it on still not having my laptop....) but I'm compensating it on my stitching time and I guess the piccies will talk for themselves :D...
Also from now on my piccies will be more fancy, because I was asked by "MyMemoriesSuite" to do a review on their program and to host a giveaway offering the program to one of you... So today I've been playing with it already and during next week I'll have another giveaway :D
And now enough with the talk and lets see some piccies:
During IHSW I stitched on QS Bookend Kitties:

And before that and after I stitched some more on SAL Sweet Flowers

I must confess I'm really enjoying making the photo albums for my progresses... so I will probably update the progress page :D
Hope you enjoyed my piccies.

Thanks for Stopping by and happy Stitches to all

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Giveaway results

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the delay on the giveaway results, but my laptop broke down beyond any possible quick repair (I finally have the perfect excuse to buy a new one - but now I have to wait until I can actually buy it)... and therefore my pc time is becoming really rare :S and I'm start to miss it already... good thing I have the cross-stitch to distract me.

So here is a list of the girls who took part on the giveaway... I've put them on the list randomizer and this was the order it gave:

List Randomizer

There were 9 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. Agi
  2. Lanybleu
  3. Tiki
  4. Kasievic
  5. EvenningEmma
  6. Stitcheranon
  7. Pauline
  8. Topcho
  9. CraftyPixie
And the Lucky Winner is (drum roll please eheheh)

Congratulations Elaine  :D I'll be sending you the kit some time during next week :D

Thank you to everyone who took part and I should have another giveaway soon :D


Sunday, 13 May 2012

A late WIPocalypse... as usual ;)

Hi everyone....
Hope you are all happily stitching :D
I've just realized I forgot my WIPocalypse post so here it is a late one... it's funny that I never realize how much I stitch until I start gathering all the piccies for WIPocalypse and if the past month was a poor one... I'm quite happy with the amount of stitching I did during this month... so I decided to try a sort of new rotation (I now... another one that I'll stop following as soon as I find something else to do :D) for the first half of the month of the month I'll work on the SALs I have going on: Which are: from HAED - SK Treasures (freebie from last year that I still need to finish), QS Bookend Kitties (HAED freebie SAL for this year) and then Dawn of Spring from the Friendly Stitchers and Sweet Flowers from Angie and then on the 2nd half of the month I'll work on the other projects... I'm thinking that if I keep this "routine" I'll be able to keep up with the SAL and still work on my other projects. and I've been focusing on Sweet Flowers since the 1st of May to try and have this part done during this month.
as this has been my focus piece I thought it should be the first one being shown, so last WIPocalypse it was like this:

and now it looks like this:

I finished the side
And nearly finished the 1st center motif

Then I also worked on DoS and finished part 2 just a bit before part 3 was out (I haven't started that one yet)

Last WIPocalypse was like this:

And now it's like this:

I've also worked a tiny lit bit on SK Treasures and on Dragon Fae I

Here are the befores of them both:

And now the afters: 

Thanks for stopping by :D
And don't forget my giveaway here:D

Happy Stitches,

Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Hi everyone :D

I've been keeping it secret for a while but I was waiting for the surprise to arrive :D I was contacted awhile back by Yiota from Yiotas XStitch (where you can find the most gorgeous cross-stitch kits) and on her huge generosity she asked me to have a giveaway of course I accepted to do it :D

So today is the day I'll have my first giveaway (and it won't be the last ;)) and if you are asking what am I giving away, instead of talking I'll show you a picture of the kit :D
Yiota's X-Stitch "I love Cats"
 Perfect for any cat lover or to make as a gift for a cat lover eheh :D

Threads and fabric

And because the colours of the 1st photo aren't that great since it's been raining for nearly 2 weeks now (and it doesn't seem weather will improve any time soon) Here's a piccie of the Madeira Threads on the kit and of the fabric, and by my experience on Yiota's kit's don't let the aida put you off from trying the giveaway, as it is as soft as you were working on 22ct hardanger fabric, but with the advantage of having bigger holes so you can see it better ;)

So now for you to qualify for the giveaway all you have to do is visit Yiota and check the cross stitch kits(just press this link or the link on the sidebar to go to the site) and tell us what is your favourite design/kit (I must confess it will be a very enabling giveaway for me as I will be checking the designs you picked as curiosity... and you know how it works... they slip to the cart and my hand presses the buy button... not my fault... I have some more kits eheheh)

I hope you enjoyed it, I'll pick the winner by the 15th of May so it will give everyone enough time to enter I hope :D

Happy Stitches,