Saturday, 25 June 2011

progress on Treasures

This week was the SK SAL on the HAED BB, so I've been stitching Treasures until now, until I got the third column done. I made a mistake when counting and it's going to be short on the 10 first lines of white but I'm loving it and I can start to see the hair taking shape it's really amazing...

Hope you like it,

Happy Stitches

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Happy Post Day

Today was a very happy day post wise for me... No bills and 3 packages for me... The first one were my threads for Treasures so... wee happy because I can stitch more colours :)... The second one was my cross stitcher magazzine, which I must say I liked reading (it hasn't happened with the last mags) and the third one and the best of them all as a lovely gift from my lovely friend Cucki. It's simply gorgeous from the envelope to the sweet letters I love everything. She made me the most gorgeous Scissor fob I ever saw and a very cute fridge magnet. Of course I took some pics to show.

Thank you so MUCH Cucki :) I loved it :)

Monday, 20 June 2011

Tree of Stitches Started

That's true, today I started another project, I couldn't wait and so I started the Tree of Stitches designed by Abi for a SAL for the TheStitchSpecialists group.
I managed to complete three parts just in one stitching session and I'm really happy with the results. 
I hope you like it

(part 1)

(part 2)

(part 3)

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Another goal completed and a new start

On Thursday I finished another column on QS Believe and I completed my 2nd goal for this month. I intended to stitch more on it, but the thrill to start SK Treasures was bigger an on Friday I started it. By the end of today I have more or less 1400stitches done, now I'm not sure if tomorrow I'll add a few more stitches to it or if I start my Tree of Stitches from the TSS, tomorrow I'll see, meanwhile here are some pics of my

Friday, 17 June 2011

No stitching for nearly a week :S

Yes it's true, for nearly a week I didn't make a single stitch. But in my defense I was with a terrible crisis of tonsilitis (followed by migraines and ear pain) and because I was in such a pain I wasn't in the mood to do anything. The only thing I did for this week was checking my e-mails and your blogs quickly since the pc didn't help the migraines, and sleeping and drinking. The only good thing off it was that I managed to loose some weight since I couldn't eat anything :).
But now I'm much better, still recovering, but better and I saw that I got my first page for the SK bookmark SAL I took part in on the HAED BB, I'll do SK Treasures, which made me feel even better :)
So today I got the fabric ready, and again I hand-dyed the fabric in light pink so the black and white effect will be more visible I really like the effect the fabric got. and most likely tomorrow I'll start the first stitches on it.

I think you can see the colour better on the second picture where I grid the first page already. I hope that with the first white stitches the fabric colour will become a bit more visible on the pictures, since they are not showing the colour it really has.
Now going to do some more stitching on Believe :)

Happy stitches

Friday, 10 June 2011

A few more stitches in between tons of work

And the title says it all.
this past week has been crazy in work, as all the first weeks of the month I must say so. But anyway I still had time to stitch a few stitches and for the first time I hand-dyed a piece of white fabric. I really liked the final result and will definetly do it more times. I'm not going to show the entire piece because is for an exchange and I don't won't to ruin the fun, but I'll show a wee bit of it, so you can see the fabric with it's new colour.

Also I was able to stitch on QS Believe and I'm nearly finishing the 2nd column of the 2nd page so for sure I'll be stitching one more column before jumping to the next project. And here is how it stands:

Meanwhile two of the goodies I send for the swaps arrived their destination and I'm very happy because they were very appreciated. One was the ornie I did and for which I posted pictures already, and the other one I can now share was the Autumm Pack (I forgot to take pictures before sending it, but you can see it on my friend Cucki blog here.

Thanks for stoping by :)

Thursday, 2 June 2011


I totally forgot about it yesterday, so here is my picture for this month TUSAL

The blues on top are from the QS Believe, I've stitched on it for 2 days and I've 1st row of second page almost complete :); the whites and greys are from Touch of Spring and the light blue is from Jasmin background, then the orange and red was for one of the swap-exchanges :)

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

End of month balance

As I was hoping I managed to stitch the 300 stitches I wanted on Jasmine, so one more goal completed which makes a total of 6 out of the 7 goals I set up for myself... I must confess I got really surprised since I wasn't expecting to be able to finish that many. Also I already started page 2 of QS Believe :) which will be part of my June goals for sure.

So before I jump to my goal list for June here is a picture of my progress on Jasmine with the 300 stitches done, I decided to do the background, so I can avoid stitching the flowers and leafs out of place (as it happened before, and let me tell you that frogging is really awful for me)

Now as for my goals for June:

1 - Complete goal 5 from last month (the missing row at QS Believe)
2 - Stitch 1,5 or 2 more rows on QS Believe (depending on how fast I complete a row)
3 - Complete the 2nd corner of the table cloth
4 - Complete the 1st page on Dragon Fae 1 (only one row to go)
5 - Finish the background of page 2 on Jasmin (and maybe start some flowers)
6 - Stitch the 1st row of page 16 and 22 of Touch of Spring

*so I-m going for less one goal... will I be able to stitch all?? will see next month right

Happy Stitches everyone