Friday, 10 June 2011

A few more stitches in between tons of work

And the title says it all.
this past week has been crazy in work, as all the first weeks of the month I must say so. But anyway I still had time to stitch a few stitches and for the first time I hand-dyed a piece of white fabric. I really liked the final result and will definetly do it more times. I'm not going to show the entire piece because is for an exchange and I don't won't to ruin the fun, but I'll show a wee bit of it, so you can see the fabric with it's new colour.

Also I was able to stitch on QS Believe and I'm nearly finishing the 2nd column of the 2nd page so for sure I'll be stitching one more column before jumping to the next project. And here is how it stands:

Meanwhile two of the goodies I send for the swaps arrived their destination and I'm very happy because they were very appreciated. One was the ornie I did and for which I posted pictures already, and the other one I can now share was the Autumm Pack (I forgot to take pictures before sending it, but you can see it on my friend Cucki blog here.

Thanks for stoping by :)

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Joysze said...

Nice start on the self dyed fabbie. Believe looks awesome!!!