Sunday, 27 February 2011

Updates - Touch of Spring and a new start

Last Friday I got the best visit of the month. The postman came with a package for me, and guess what it was the stitching frame I had ordered, and as obvious I had to try it, specially when I had been containing myself from start Dragon Fae 1 until I received it, because I wanted it to be the first one to try the new framing system. I'm simply loving it. And I think I'm faster, although I can't actually compare it yet, because I'm stitching the background on tent stitch and I'll do the dragon and the fairy on full stitch.

Meanwhile I focused on Touch of Spring (until Friday) and I'm nearly finishing one more full page and one partial page. I must confess I'm loving it, the shadows on the hand are so gorgeous and it makes it seem so real.

And of course here you have the pictures:
(A close up of dragon fae, after the first day on it - it's mainly Kreinik#4)

(A better view of what I stitched, painted on the chart)

Touch of Spring on 25/02/2011

Close up to the hand part

I hope you like them as much as I do

Happy Stitches

Sunday, 20 February 2011


I know I haven't been posting for longer than what I wanted too, but so much stuff to do for work, that left me with almost no free time for me, so as obvious I preferred to spend that time cross-stitching. Finally I receive the package I was waiting for from 123stitch:

The missing threads for Touch of Spring and all the needed threads to start Dragon Fae 1. Now I've been trying to control myself to not start Dragon Fae until I received my Valentine's gift: StitchEZ Cross Stitch Frame

A StitchEZ Cross Stitch Frame. Can't wait to get it :) . Anyway while I'm waiting I'm focusing on Touch of Spring and I'm getting closer to finish one more full page and one partial page. Actually I'm hoping i can finish both today, so i'll be posting some new progress pictures later on, or so I hope.

Happy stitches =)

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Touch of Spring - K. Koukiotis - 07/02/2011

Since I stopped stitching the table cloth due to the missing thread, I returned to Touch of Spring. I couldn't wait to start stitching the hand and here is my progress up to now, I kinda finish my third page [page 2] only a couple of stitches missing because I'm still waiting for the thread to arrive. and I started page 14, I had to frog and redo nearly 600stitches, but still I think I'm doing a good progress...

Here are the pics:

The general view, I already hit the top and only 40 lines away to reach the bottom.

And a close-up to the first stitches in the hand :) You can see two fingers already :)

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Table cloth

After 2 days cross-stitching I manage to recover my progress; I have redone all the frogging and did a bit more.
But guess what? I ran out of the dark green again, because I wasn't counting with what I happened I started stitching with the dark green I end up picking, but I only had a thread of it with me and I didn't thought I would use the 8meters so quickly (I'm using four strands over one square). Lucky me this thread is recent so I just need to go and buy some more (which I hope I'll be able to do on Friday if I have time) I wouldn't do the same mistake twice anyway.

But since this project is on standby until I buy the thread I'll be going back to Touch of Spring... to finish the page and who knows, start the hand ^^ can't wait to see it.

Meanwhile here is a picture of how the table cloth looks right now.

Project 2 - Table cloth with flowers

So my second project on my 2 week rotation plan will be the Table Cloth I intend to do for my mom. This project is very special to me, my mom had the fabric (2m X 2m of Aida 14ct) for more than 25 years and she bought it to do a simple table cloth with some cross-stitched flowers on the borders. I remember when I was a kid doing my first stitches and asking her to use that fabric for some projects and she always said no because she was going to do the table cloth (which she never did). A couple of years ago I decided to steal her the fabric and do the table cloth myself for her. I had everything ready: several old threads that my mom had bought for the cloth, the fabric and I made my mom pick the chart without knowing for what it was. I had it on standby for a couple of years and when I moved to Ireland I decided to bring it with me to do it.
Now I plan to finish it before Easter, to give it to my mom when she'll be coming over to visit me for the first time : D

I had started it already last year and this is how it was when I grabbed it on Monday to keep going:

Unfortunately I found out that I ran out of the dark green and I can't find the extra threads I had, and the color I'm using no longer exists (I was using some very old threads from Anchor) I bought the closest tone I could find but it's still very visible the difference between the two threads when stitched so this was my progress on Monday:

I had to frog all the dark green and back almost to the beginning but I hope I'll finish this corner by the en of the second week.
I'll keep you posted ;)

Happy Stitches