Sunday, 27 February 2011

Updates - Touch of Spring and a new start

Last Friday I got the best visit of the month. The postman came with a package for me, and guess what it was the stitching frame I had ordered, and as obvious I had to try it, specially when I had been containing myself from start Dragon Fae 1 until I received it, because I wanted it to be the first one to try the new framing system. I'm simply loving it. And I think I'm faster, although I can't actually compare it yet, because I'm stitching the background on tent stitch and I'll do the dragon and the fairy on full stitch.

Meanwhile I focused on Touch of Spring (until Friday) and I'm nearly finishing one more full page and one partial page. I must confess I'm loving it, the shadows on the hand are so gorgeous and it makes it seem so real.

And of course here you have the pictures:
(A close up of dragon fae, after the first day on it - it's mainly Kreinik#4)

(A better view of what I stitched, painted on the chart)

Touch of Spring on 25/02/2011

Close up to the hand part

I hope you like them as much as I do

Happy Stitches

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