Thursday, 23 February 2012

End of ISHW

Hi everyone...
my ISHW changed from Weekend to Week xD, and I've been stitching whenever I have some free time (not that I'm having that much... but for that I'm enjoying it even more) and now I have some more progress to show and some finishes yayyyy.... is it me or I'm finishing more stuff than usual.... (not that I don't mind at all eheheh)... So many of you complimented my little owls... and therefore I'll be starting by showing the bookmark that is now complete (for some reason in the photo it seems that it isn't aligned which is not true :S):
Owl Bookmark

and the full gift:

So when I wasn't busy finishing the owls, I've finished the 1st part of Sweet Flowers:

And I've been stitching on my oldest BAP, although I haven't reached the half page as I wanted... I'm quite pleased with my progress :D

I have the third column almost complete...

Also I had to share with you the most amazing gift I received... I was RAKed with a gorgeous bookmarker, thread and card... and it arrived on a day that I was really needing something to cheer me up... I feel so blessed for having such amazing friends :) THANK YOU SO MUCH
The gorgeous gifts I received 

Thanks for stopping by,
Happy Stitches,

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Beginning of IHSW

Hi everyone....
Hope you're all having a great IHSW... I've kind of entered on IHSW since Thursday and I've been stitching a lot... I'm actually pretty happy with this week's amount of stitching :D
I've totally finished the first part of the owls:



 And I stitched part 2 of the Owls gift wich is going to be a Book Marker, I just need to buy the felt to finish it

Also I've went back to Touch of Spring and started one more page, and there's one more flower showing up (I've put the pen on the side just to give an idea of the real size)

And I stitched more on Sweet Flower SAL (I'm loving the variegated effect of the threads :D)

So my plans for this IHSW are complete part 1 of the Sweet Flower SAL which is way overdue ;) and try to stitch half of the page of Touch of Spring (it will have some gaps because I ran out of one thread... and I'll have to wait a wee bit until I get it).

Also Melissa received the biscornu I sent her, so that means I can share the pictures :D... I forgot to take pictures after I added the "button" flower in the center... but this is what I stitched:

Before Mounting (back)
Before Mounting (front)

After Mounting (front)
After Mounting (back)
It's funny to see how fabric changes our perception of the colour... the pink I used on the biscornu is the same pink I'm using on the Sweet Flower SAL.

Hope you enjoy,


Monday, 13 February 2012

IHSW signing in is open xD

Hi everyone,
Just a quick reminder for all of you, who are looking for the perfect excuse to not to do a thing at home and just stitch, or for any who just plan to stitch during next weekend (even if it's just a stitch) to go over to Joysze's blog and sign up for IHSW... I can guarantee you lots of fun and tons of blogs to stalk... :D
Just press on the hermie crab on my side-bar ;)


Sunday, 12 February 2012

A Late WIPocalypse report

Hi everyone...
As usual I've been so caught up with work... that I'm using all my free time for my stitching... so no blogging, I'm once more trying to caught up with all your amazing blogs too, so I'm sorry if I haven't commented a lot lately :S...
Anyway as I said my free time has been for my stitching and although i thought I didn't have much to report... I've actually manage to do some stitching since my last WIPocalypse report:

I've started the last six projects of CJC -
day 10
Day 11

Day 12
day 13

Day 14

Day 15

After that I started and finished my Spring Biscornu for an exchange at the Friendly Stitchers Yahoo Group
I'm not showing what I sent because it wasn't received yet, but I can show what Melissa sent me :D

Isn't it gorgeous :D I really love it ... Thank you SO MUCH Melissa :D

Then when the biscornu was done I got back to the Day 1 Crazy, Crocus and..... I've finished it as well... I've been debating wether I was going to stitch the red border or not, and while doing the last stitches on the backstitched I decided not to... and frame it on an oval frame I think it's going to be nice, I finished it on Thursday:

 And during my working breaks this weekend I've been stitching some owls my mum asked me to stitch (for a birthday gift for friend). I finished the two big ones, that I'm going to stitch together as a key ring, and now I'm going to stitch a smaller sequence of this owl to make a bookmarker
The two :D

Front (Awake)
Back (Sleeping)

Thanks for keeping up with me :D