Saturday, 18 February 2012

Beginning of IHSW

Hi everyone....
Hope you're all having a great IHSW... I've kind of entered on IHSW since Thursday and I've been stitching a lot... I'm actually pretty happy with this week's amount of stitching :D
I've totally finished the first part of the owls:



 And I stitched part 2 of the Owls gift wich is going to be a Book Marker, I just need to buy the felt to finish it

Also I've went back to Touch of Spring and started one more page, and there's one more flower showing up (I've put the pen on the side just to give an idea of the real size)

And I stitched more on Sweet Flower SAL (I'm loving the variegated effect of the threads :D)

So my plans for this IHSW are complete part 1 of the Sweet Flower SAL which is way overdue ;) and try to stitch half of the page of Touch of Spring (it will have some gaps because I ran out of one thread... and I'll have to wait a wee bit until I get it).

Also Melissa received the biscornu I sent her, so that means I can share the pictures :D... I forgot to take pictures after I added the "button" flower in the center... but this is what I stitched:

Before Mounting (back)
Before Mounting (front)

After Mounting (front)
After Mounting (back)
It's funny to see how fabric changes our perception of the colour... the pink I used on the biscornu is the same pink I'm using on the Sweet Flower SAL.

Hope you enjoy,



cucki said...

Wow great progress and beautiful stitching..all the projects are so cute...
Big hugs for you xxx

Thoeria said...

Great progress all round. I particularly love your owls :) What thread did you use for the biscornu - it looks lovely!

Topcho said...

Wow so much beatiful stitching again! All of your projects look great and I especially love all the little owls. So cute!

Kaisievic said...

Lovely Biscornu, Sara and your owls are so cute.

hugs, Kaye xoxox

sharine said...

Great stitching. The owls are to cute.

Claudette497 said...

That is interesting about the pinks - I would never have guessed they were the same. The owls are so fun looking!

Tazzy said...

The owls are very cute. *grins* and it is very interesting to know that about the pinks. You're right that the background does change out persepective of things.

jcat0629 said...

Wow, you've gotten tons stitched! What a great IHSW you're having. I LOVE that biscornu. The owls are adorable. Touch of SPring is one big mutha'! LOL Enjoy the rest of the stitching weekend.

Anonymous said...

Love the owls and the progress on the other projects are great. Well done.

Heidi said...

Hi Sara...fellow hermit. I am enjoying finding lots of new blogs through this. Your owls are just adorable! Congratulations on finishing.

Hugs from Holland ~

Kate said...

Great progress!! Love the little owls especially!

Mangogirl said...

Such beautiful stitching :D Those owls are super cute!

Joysze said...

Nice job on those owls, Sara!! I LOVE it. :D

Yeah, I hear ya about the pinks.... they look so different on the fabbies.

Anne said...

Hoot! Hoot! I'm cute! That's what your little keychain is saying!! He's adorable!!Great progress on all your beautiful stitching!!! Love the biscornu!! Wasn't it fun to have it finally come together! I found the last part when the corners meet up to be the most exciting part!

Mary Joan said...

WOW! You have been busy, well done on all your stitching. I just love the owls and the key ring finish looks great.

♥ Nia said...

O fim-de-semana foi produtivo!! :D
O porta-chaves das corujinhas ficou um doce! =) Lindas cores nesse biscornu :D
Estou curiosa para ver mais desse teu projecto grande.. não conheço ainda o design! Aqui estarei a acompanhar o progresso ;)
Uma excelente quarta para ti!! :D

Ewa said...

I love the owls! Your finishing looks really lovely. Also, variegated threads are my FAVORITE to use. It's like a surprise with every stitch!