Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year everyone... 2011 stitching review

Hi everyone,
I hope you're all enjoying the last few hours of 2011 (some of you might be already in 2012 ;))
First of all I want to wish you all a Happy New Year and that 2012 might be a year full of joy, love, health, happiness and stitches :D
2011 flew away really quickly, as in any year, it had it's ups and down moments but I'm really happy that was the year when I truly discovered the blogging  world and made so many good friends because of it :D, I might not answer my comments nor comment as much as I would like, but I truly appreciate every single comment you leave me, and I love following all your amazing blogs and seeing all your gorgeous piccies :). Thank you so much to all of you for being my followers and stitching friends :D
As you all know I have already lots of stitching plans for 2012 :D, so my other New Year resolutions:
- I've decided to go back swimming (I love it and it's the thing that relaxes me the most, and it's exercise)
- Use the WiiFit at least 30 minutes a day, every day (I'm really focusing on trying to do some more exercise)
- Be more active
- Read more

Now reviewing my 2011 year in stitches I'm quite happy with the result :D, I've finished a couple of projects, and more important than that I finished a HAED for the first time and I'm really proud of it :) and I like to think I've done a good progress on my current WIPs. And here are the photos for them all:


(both sides same image)

(both sides same design)

And my WIPs progress:

Touch of Spring -
              As it was by the end of 2010                                                and it's like this by the end of 2011

Table Cloth 
End of 2010

End of  2011

QS Believe (started in 01/01/2011)

Dragon Fae 1 (started on 25/01/2011)

SK Treasures (started on 17/06/11)

Cross Stitcher Orchid (started on 04/11/11)

And this was my year in stitches :)
Happy New Year!!!!! 
Hugs, Sara

Friday, 30 December 2011

My Crazy January List and some of the WIPocalypse projects

Hi everyone,
So as I promised today I spent today's time taking some pictures to share my final list for the Crazy January Challenge. It took me lots of thinking (I was deciding if I was crazy enough to go to the Ultimate or not, end up not) until I got my final list, with 15 projects... The other projects I was considering for the Ultimate will be part of the WIPocalypse list, which can be increased and changed during the year :D

So my final 15 projects are:

Day 1 - Crocus from DMC

 Day 2 - Coffee from Bucilla

 Day 3 - Cute as a Button from CrossStitcher Mag

Day 4 - Bee Happy from CrossStitcher Mag

Day 5 - Beach Box 1 from Juniper Designs

 Day 6 - Damask Rose Bookmark from SK

Day 7 - Vintage Pincushion from CrossStitcher Mag

 Day 8 - Royal Guard from CrossStitcher Mag
 Day 9 - Vintage Sampler from CrossStitcher Mag

day 10 - British Scene from Anchor
 Day 11 - Gift Tags from CrossStitcher Mag (I don't know why the pic doesn't get right)
Day 12 - Christmas Tags from CrossStitcher Mag

Day 13 - Close up of a pink rose from Yiotas XStitch

Day 14 - Sweet Flowers SAL from MagicasPuntadas

Day 15 - Christmas Houses from CrossStitcher Mag

As per my WIPocalypse list, here are some of the projects that I'll definitely work on in no specific order:

Current WIPS (photos taken today with my brand new camera that Santa got me:D):

And some new more starts and possible finishes I want to do (as if I don't have enough already):

Well, happy stitches everyone and see you tomorrow with my review of 2011 in stitches :D