Monday, 5 December 2011

Getting organized for 2012

Well next year is approaching really quickly, so I thought it was time for me to get myself organized in relation to the SALs that I'm joining in next year, they aren't that many, but it's going to be a busy stitching year if I keep the plan.

So this is what I'm joining for next year:

1 - CJC 2012 - starting 15 projects on the first 15 days of January and finish them by December 2012;
                (Host - Nina; you can join the group here)

2 - WIPocalypse - finish as many WIPs as possible during 2012 since it's said the world will end in 2012 eheh, and you post a picture on each New Moon of your progress on your WIPs
                 (Host - Measi; you can join the group here)

3 - TUSAL 2012 - On each New Moon we show a picture of our ORT jar
                 (Host - Daffycat; you can join the group here)

4 - Theme-a-licious - In each month you stith something related with a specific topic, already listed, and you post a picture on the 15th of each month
                  (Host - Geeky Heather; you can join the group here)

5 - IHSW 2012 - Of course I have to join this one eheheh, the third weekend of each month is your "stitching" time, where you Hermit and Stitch, you'll have to join during the week before on Joysze blog
                  (Host - Joysze, you can join by pressing the cute Hermit on my sidebar during IHSW time)

6 - HAED BB 2012 SAL -  I still need to find out in which week of the month it will happen, but I'll be joining with QS Bookend Kitties

So as you can see tons of things to join for next year eheheh... now back to my Christmas stitching

Happy Stitches everyone,


Valentina said...

Hi! We'll be together in the WIPocalypse, the TUSAL, the Theme-a-licious and the IHSW!!! Looking forward to see your progresses!
Happy Stitches to you

mcewan07 said...

I will only be taking part in the tusal, ihsw and the haed bb sal with you.

I did look at the others a few weeks back, but the start and finish 15 will not work as i only do HAED now, and none will get finished except the sal next year, thus again why i will not be doing the WIPocalypse, all my HAED's are BAP's, except the teddy sal piece.As for the theme- a - licious, i know i will not be able to stitch for a month on one project, usually im a weekly stitcher, unless a piece captures me.Which right now flights of imagination is doing.

Good luck with all your SAL's

cucki said...

i am with you in some of these..i am sure it will be so much fun..
good luck dear..
love and hugs xx

Claire said...

Wow you will be busy.x

Diane (di) said...

Sara, it looks like I'll be seeing a lot of you and Valentina. :) I'm in WIPocalypse, TUSAL, Theme-a-licious and the IHSW. The world may be ending in 2012, but it sounds like we'll have a lot of fun getting there. ;)

Joysze said...

NICE!!! This means lots of eye candy for me. :D

♥ Nia said...

You have fun for the whole year!! :D hehehehe

Maureen said...

that should certainly keep you busy for 2012. I'm with you in WIPocalypse and the HAED sal.

XXXStitching (Emma) said...

I've finally gave in an gone for it. So I'll be joining you on crazy jan, TUSAL and WIPocalypse. phew best get organising my stash lol