Thursday, 1 December 2011

Get ready for a Looong update

Hi everyone, it´s been ages since my last post, so sit comfortably because I´m going to tell you what I´ve been up to during my holidays back at home... and I´ll be including tons of pictures :D
So on my last week before going home I literally didn't have time to stitch a single stitch because of all the work that had to be done :S but I made up for it after and I fulfilled my promise to Joyzce  and I stitched not one but several stitches during IHSW stitches and I'm only 1,5 flowers, stem and blue bits away of having it completed...
You can see how it was before coming with me to Portugal on my last post, I finished the three small flowers that I had started during IHSW and I've started the next two on my second week at home :D

Meanwhile I stitched another ornie for an exchange with Viv and received mine (I received it before going home, but I had no chance to post about it so now I share both of them with you).
this is the one I received from Viv, I love the beads on the Santa

and this is the one I stitched for her, I stitched both sides with the same pattern so I'm only showing one of them, and it was all stitched with metallic threads, in a sparklie fabric that was given to me last year

My mum's birthday was on the first Saturday that I spent at home, and as many of you know by now, the MP was for her birthday, I stitched QS Reflections 2 because she loves angels and I knew she would love it. She was amazed, as well as both my grandmothers and my aunts that came over for tea, after I gave my mum the angel she spent the following days showing her gift to everyone that came over, so she definitely loved it, she was really proud of it and gave a place of honour to the picture, it´s on the entrance cabinet near my dad's photo and my mums favourite angels, so that everyone can see it :)

Here it is on it's new place :)

And the close-up I took before I framed it

I took a photo of my mum opening the gift but when I was distracted she deleted the photo :S (sorry girls but no pic of her amazed face when she realized it was actually cross-stitched an not a stamped fabric).

Now since I went back home and I love my hometown (Porto) I thought it would be nice to end up this extra long post with some pictures I took to one of my favourite places back home, Ribeira, especially on a sunny and warm day...

Thanks for reading :)
Happy stitches everyone


sharine said...

All are looking great! What a wonderful surprise for your mum.

Thoeria said...

Sara, your home town in gorgeous! I can see why you love it :)
And your stitching is just as gorgeous too - I can imagine how thrilled your mom must have been!
Glad you had a good holiday :)

cucki said...

hello dear, so happy to hear from happy that you had a lovely holidays..
wow beautiful home town..lovely..
i love yours stitching so much like always..
sweet surprise for your mom..
love for you xx

Kate said...

What great progress you have made on the flowers and Ribeira looks lovely.

Julie said...

Glad you had a good hol's.
Nice Xmas Ornies and your mums surprise looks great framed up.If only she hadn't deleted that photo of herself,what a great pic that would of been. ;).
Nice photos to of Ribeira too.

Melissa said...

Such a great present for your mom! Your pictures of your hometown are beautiful.

Diane (di) said...

Sara, your needles have been smoking! The angel for your mom is stunning and what beautiful pictures you took of your hometown. I'm happy dancing with you on your QS finish!! (love the ornie, too) :)

Vani said...

I love you home town! So beautiful! I'm glad your mom loved your gift so much.

7 Ofícios said...

Fico contente que a tua mumy tenha gostado do presente :) ainda para mais, porque foi feito em tempo recorde... só possível com muito carinho e dedicação :)
Parabéns !!!
Bjs de Lisbon, Portugal

Tiki said...

Welcome back. Glad you had a nice holiday. Your pictures all look fabulous: your stitching and your hometown.

Claudette497 said...

What a good daughter you are! The angel is gorgeous framed. Your hometown looks beautiful.

Maureen said...

Your finished piece looks lovely in it's frame - no wonder your mum was so delighted.

♥ Nia said...

Estiveste tão pertinho de mim!!! =)
Sabia que eras portuguesa mas ainda nao tinha dado conta que eras portuense! Pois eu sou Lisboeta :D hehehe mas vivo em Guimarães desde que vim estudar para a UMinho. Terminei o curso e por cá fiquei... uma mulher do Norte! hehehehe ;)

Joysze said...

You're home!!!!!! :D I've been missing you!!!

The orchid looks amazing, as do the ornies. Aww, Reflections is beautifully framed!!!! Love it's new home. And moooooooom!!!!! No deleting pictures in the future, hehehehe.

Your home town is gorgeous, Sara. :D

Veronica said...

Your needle has been smoking. Lovely stitching! The Angel is a gorgeous piece of work. Your hometown looks great :) Would love to visit it someday if possible.