Thursday, 3 April 2014

March Review and April Goals

Hi everyone,

So this was the first month I fell out of the wagon, and it wasn't only on my stitching, unfortunately, I've been failing on my slimming goals too, although I keep going to the gym almost every single day, I stopped loosing weight on the past 2 weeks and I put on some inches last week... and this week doesn't seem that it's going to be better, so I definitely need a new month to get into a new start, and I only posted 2 times throughout March... not good, not good at all.

So what were my goals for March:

Realistic goals:
     - Start/ Complete and Finish my Spring Project for the EmeraldIsle Cross Stitch group Exchange
     - Complete the second page of QS Butterfly
     - Stitch 1.5 columns of pages 3/5[partial page - just 2 lines] of QS Believe

Dreamworld goals:
     - Stitch 50% of pages 3/5
     - Complete pages 3/5

I was only able to complete the 1st goal... and failed miserably on all others as I didn't put a single stitch on QS Believe during March...

This being said my goals for April are:

Stitch Wise - 
Realistic Goals:
       - Complete the 2nd page of QS Butterfly
       - Start January of the Garden Journal Collection (Friendly Stitchers Yahoo group Travelling Pattern) as soon as I receive it.
       - Complete January chart
       - Start the Mail Art Envelope for my Mother, for Mother's day in Portugal (1st Sunday of May)
       - Complete the Mail Art Envelope
       - Finish the Mail Art Envelope

Dreamworld Goals:
       - Stitch 50% of pages 3/5[partial page - just 2 lines] of QS Believe
       - Complete pages 3/5 of Qs Believe

Slimming Wise - 
       - Go to at least 1 class at the gym everyday from Monday to Friday
       - Keep the Food Diary
       - Drink 2L water everyday
       - Not fall into temptation food wise as often.
       - Loose at least 3Kg
       - Go down another 10inches in total.

And because a proper post should have at least 1 piccie, I'm sharing with you my idea for the Mail Art Project, I've used the Joan Elliot "Mum cards" that are on her book and adjusted them for the envelope shape, the lines are just for guidance to know where I'll have to fold it when I'm assembling it.

Thanks for stopping by,
Happy Stitches,