Monday, 22 August 2016

IHSW update

Hi everyone.

I was a late joiner to IHSW this month as my parents are over and until yesterday I was still debating wether I'd be joining this month or not. But then I started reading some blogs and kept seeing the IHSW notice around and decided it was a sign (it was my "kick on the behind" to remind me I'm not going to be another month without sharing news).

And I decided to start big (also I keep hearing my OH making smart remarks as it's been "ages" since I started this project and haven't finished it yet.)

So if you are wondering what I worked on yesterday...

This was it. No Words Needed.

According to my blog, last time I posted was on January 2014, I've stitched a tiny bit more after that post, so I believe this project hasn't seen the light of day for over 2 years (ok my OH might have some reason, but shhhh we don't say that).
I never meant to leave it unloved for such long time. So I've decided that Until it's finished this will be the only cross-stitch project I'll work on (and then I'll have one or two knitting projects on the side).

So I took a close-up picture of where it was left:

And this is how I finished the night yesterday. (I'll be stitching a bit more tonight so hopefully I'll be close to have the page done).

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Happy Stitches,


Friday, 5 August 2016

Long time no see...

It's been over a year since my last post. But in my defense a lot has happened since then. Being the most important and the reason of me disappearing, the birth of my daughter, who is now a very active toddler. Which means my "me" time was reduced to night time, after she is asleep, and only if I'm not busy working, but I'm still trying to either knit or stitch a bit whenever I have a bit of free time, on the rare occasion when my little monkey takes a nap during the day, and on my days off if I'm not wrecked from all the daily chasing after her...
So this is what i've done since the last time I shared anything...

Few days ago I was able to finally finish my daughter's birth sampler
All that is left to do is wash it and frame it.

And these are the knitted pieces I've done.

Thank you very much if you are still around and following me, I'll try to post more often from now on

Happy stitches

Thursday, 9 April 2015

And I keep workin while waiting for the baby...

Hi everyone...

Only 3 more weeks for the estimated due date of my baby... I honestly can't wait for her to be born... And while I'm waiting I'm trying to do as much as I can, although I'm accepting that unless she decides to stay in for longer, the chances for me to actually finish the birth sampler before she's born are very slim... But I'm trying to have as much done as possible anyway....

So since my last post, I've finished the booties, and started the matching hat, and have stitched a bit more on the sampler, you can now see the outline of the bear and the toys...

Sorry for the poor quality of the pic on the birth sampler... I promise my next photo will be much better, and there will be much more to see :))

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Happy Stitches

Friday, 20 March 2015

Still around... Busy :))

Hi everyone, 

Didn't notice it has been nearly a month since my last update... Time is definitely flying by lately, and to prove it there's only 6 more weeks for my baby's expected due date.... And still so many things planned to do.... 

So I've still been busy with my knitting and cross-stitch (although not much of the latest to be honest, I have to correct that if I want the birth sampler done in time)....

And this is what I've done so far, And I can now say that I only have 3 official WIPs (2 knitting and 1 cross-stitching) the booties (1 missing) the blanket (half-done) and the birth sampler (20% done)... My plan for the rest of my "free time" (before baby arrives) is to work as much as I can each day on the birth sampler - my back is now starting to hurt after spending sometime doing cross-stitch; knit the blanket if there's still time in the day, and I can no longer stitch, and the booties are my carry along project, for when I'm waiting for the routine appointments at the maternity, and the train...

Now the interesting part... The photos :)

What I've finished

And my official WIPs 

Thanks for stopping by and for your comments,

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Progress :)

Hi everyone,

So I thought it was time to share a progress picture of my birth sampler... I thought I hadn't stitched much, but looking at my previous post I actually did more than what I thought so I'm a happy camper :) I also knitted the beanie to go with the dress and I've started to knit a cross-over cardigan in pink (pictures of this last one will be on my next post hopefully as for now is just a bunch of "weird" pieces)... 

Hope you enjoy it and thanks for the visit. :)

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Fresh start

Hi everyone,

Do you still remember me? I know it's been nearly an year since I've updated my blog... But 2014 ended up being a roller coaster year... Emotionally wise I hit the top and the bottom so ended up ignoring everything for a really long time, as there was no crafty mojo at all, it only came back by the end of 2014 beginning of 2015... 

So the major event for this year and what made me return to the craft world, is that I'm going to be mum (my baby girl is due by the end of April, beginning of May) so I'm now keeping myself busy knitting for her and I'm stitching her birth sampler...  I want to have as much done as possible, as after she's here I know I won't have any time... 

This also means that from now on, not only will you be seeing not only my stitch progresses, but also my knitting ones... Maybe this might mean more posts in the near future.... But I don't want to make any plan... As every time I did, something came along to ruin them...

So and to start my return in a proper way, here are the pic is of everything I did so far :) 
The birth sampler my OH and I choose for our girl, and a couple of clothes I knitted for her

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Thursday, 3 April 2014

March Review and April Goals

Hi everyone,

So this was the first month I fell out of the wagon, and it wasn't only on my stitching, unfortunately, I've been failing on my slimming goals too, although I keep going to the gym almost every single day, I stopped loosing weight on the past 2 weeks and I put on some inches last week... and this week doesn't seem that it's going to be better, so I definitely need a new month to get into a new start, and I only posted 2 times throughout March... not good, not good at all.

So what were my goals for March:

Realistic goals:
     - Start/ Complete and Finish my Spring Project for the EmeraldIsle Cross Stitch group Exchange
     - Complete the second page of QS Butterfly
     - Stitch 1.5 columns of pages 3/5[partial page - just 2 lines] of QS Believe

Dreamworld goals:
     - Stitch 50% of pages 3/5
     - Complete pages 3/5

I was only able to complete the 1st goal... and failed miserably on all others as I didn't put a single stitch on QS Believe during March...

This being said my goals for April are:

Stitch Wise - 
Realistic Goals:
       - Complete the 2nd page of QS Butterfly
       - Start January of the Garden Journal Collection (Friendly Stitchers Yahoo group Travelling Pattern) as soon as I receive it.
       - Complete January chart
       - Start the Mail Art Envelope for my Mother, for Mother's day in Portugal (1st Sunday of May)
       - Complete the Mail Art Envelope
       - Finish the Mail Art Envelope

Dreamworld Goals:
       - Stitch 50% of pages 3/5[partial page - just 2 lines] of QS Believe
       - Complete pages 3/5 of Qs Believe

Slimming Wise - 
       - Go to at least 1 class at the gym everyday from Monday to Friday
       - Keep the Food Diary
       - Drink 2L water everyday
       - Not fall into temptation food wise as often.
       - Loose at least 3Kg
       - Go down another 10inches in total.

And because a proper post should have at least 1 piccie, I'm sharing with you my idea for the Mail Art Project, I've used the Joan Elliot "Mum cards" that are on her book and adjusted them for the envelope shape, the lines are just for guidance to know where I'll have to fold it when I'm assembling it.

Thanks for stopping by,
Happy Stitches,