Saturday, 21 July 2018

Ups!! Nearly a month since my last post

Hi everyone,

Sorry for not sharing my progress any sooner, I always mean to do it, but then when I'm on the pc I have to work and end up forgetting to do my update even because I need to be sharing the photos to have access to them here to upload them. I really need to find a good app for the phone that allows me to do the update directly from there (I tried to use the blogger on the phone as I do here and just doesn't combine with me it's completely not phone friendly in my opinion), so if you have any good suggestion do share :)
However even though I haven't shared my progress here my needles have been busy.... some times more than others, but stitching on a regular basis and I'm now on cat number 4 (only this one and one more to have it all done and just finish it).
And this is all I've done up until now... get ready for lots of pictures as I'm still taking a photo at the end of each session.

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Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Midweek Report - 2 cats done 3 to go

Hi everyone,

Past week had some successful days with lots of stitchings and other days not so good... with no stitching on Sunday, the weather here has been so good, that I’ve been out as much as I can with the Little Miss, and by the end of the day I’m just wrecked. Good thing is that despite that I’ve finished one more cat and already made a little start on the third one. And stitching wise i’ve over 50% of the full project done. I hope to have it finished some stage in July.

Day 15 - 20.06.18
Day 16 - 21.06.18
Day 17 - 22.06.18

Day 18 - 23.06.18

Day 19 - 25.06.18 - 3rd cat complete

Day 19 - 25.06.18 - Full project so far

Day 20 - 26.06.18 - Start on 3rd cat

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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

1 Cat and one spine done

Hi everyone,

As I shared on my last post I didn’t finish the cat during the official IHSW, but as my weekend only starts on Monday, I was more than able to finish it during the afternoon on Monday and I moved on to stitch the “title” (it says "Recipe Book" in Portuguese) and on Tuesday I stitched the two little motifs on top and below the letters on the part that will be the spine of the binder cover. Today I’m starting the second cat. So expect more photos soon. Also if you want to see my daily progress I started an account on instagram where I’m sharing the photos daily of my progress. If you want to check it out, look for me @Sarascraftsandothers there.

Day 13 - 18.06.18 - 1st cat complete, Back side done. 
Day 13 - 18.06.18 - Full view of the Binder cover with the letters in
Day 13 - 18.06.18 - Close up on the front (just missing the 4 cats)
Day 14 - 19.06.18 - Cover spine complete

Day 14 - 19.06.18 - Close up of the cupcake (from the cat pattern on the back)

Day 14 - 19.06.18 - Close up of the broken egg (from the pattern of one of the cats that will go in the front)

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Monday, 18 June 2018

IHSW result

Hi everyone,

So this weekend Was IHSW and I was hoping to stitch to my delight throughout it... but of course because I set myself an easy goal, I had to fail it completely, barely did any stitching on Friday evening, since I was too tired for anything (after only sleeping 2hours from Thursday to Friday) and then Saturday I was flooded with work calls (I work during the weekends) so had to focus on work and of course the Little Miss was demanding more attention, so almost nothing done. Sunday I set myself to at least do something worth to share and I did stitch a bit. Didn’t finish the cat, but only a little bit of white to go and the backstitch so I’m forcing myself to finish it today since today and tomorrow are my “weekend”.

Day 10 - 15.06.18

Day 11 - 16.06.28

Day 12 - 17.06.18

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Friday, 15 June 2018


Hi everyone,

First of all thank you for the comments on my previous post, I’m trying to figure out how to reply them, as I used to just reply the mail I’d get.

So this weekend is IHSW. And considering I’ve been good and have been stitching a little bit every night (wowwww) I want to have the first cat finished and the second started by the end of IHSW, to do a before and after posting I’m sharing my progress so far, since last week until yesterday... and few times I got myself a little helper, as my daughter sits next to me and asks to “help me make the cat” and I’m letting her pull the needle up and down on the fabric... who knows, in a few years there will be another  stitcher. 
And now the daily photos for the “before”:

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10

Day 11
Pre-IHSW photo
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Sunday, 10 June 2018

Return to the Stitching World

Hi everyone,

So after another very long hiatus of no crafts whatsoever, I've made a return to my cross-stitching (thanks to the will of knitting another dress for my daughter).
I finally decided to stop being lazy and just play around with the phone and now I actually get some stitching done... and hopefully this time I'll be posting more than on my last return... not going to say more so I don't jinx it.
Anyway, I've been stitching a little bit every night this past week, but this time i decided to pick another project to work on (I think the all greys from the No words needed was sort of putting me off from stitching, even though I love it, I needed some colours) and what better to return than pick the Culinary Cats, a "small" project so it ill be finished quicker so it gives me an extra boost to work on it.

Now enough talking and to the pictures of one week of stitching:
As it was left back in... don't even remember...

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5 (bottom is now all finished with backstitching and all!)
And if you are curious about the dress I knitted for my girl, this was it...

If you still follow my blog, a big thank you for staying with me.

Happy Stitches,

Monday, 19 September 2016

IHSW check-in and result.

Hi everyone,

So although I've signed up for the IHSW I only noticed I had forgotten to do the "before post" yesterday (Sunday) so opted for leaving a 2-1 post for today.

So let me start by showing you my progress on My SOLO pieces on Thursday and Friday (preparing for IHSW):

SS10 - 15/09/16 - 1st symbol of this page all done

SS11 - 16/09/16

Baby Raghlan:
KS07 - 15/09/16 - start on the second sleeve
KS08 - 16/09/16

And now what have I done during the official IHSW (my days off are Monday and Tuesday, so in theory my IHSW will only finish tomorrow ;) which are the two days I can stitch/knit to my heart content)

Saturday I've finished like this:

Didn't work on NWN as it was a busy day/night with work and Little Miss, so I knew there was no hope for me to stitch unless I wanted to frog everything on the following day.

But made up on the knitting front, finished the sleeve and started the top joining everything together:
KS09 - 17/09/16
And on Sunday this was how I finished:

SS12 - 18/09/16 - Finished 2nd symbol and started the 3rd
Baby Raglan:

KS10 - 18/09/16

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