Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year everyone... 2011 stitching review

Hi everyone,
I hope you're all enjoying the last few hours of 2011 (some of you might be already in 2012 ;))
First of all I want to wish you all a Happy New Year and that 2012 might be a year full of joy, love, health, happiness and stitches :D
2011 flew away really quickly, as in any year, it had it's ups and down moments but I'm really happy that was the year when I truly discovered the blogging  world and made so many good friends because of it :D, I might not answer my comments nor comment as much as I would like, but I truly appreciate every single comment you leave me, and I love following all your amazing blogs and seeing all your gorgeous piccies :). Thank you so much to all of you for being my followers and stitching friends :D
As you all know I have already lots of stitching plans for 2012 :D, so my other New Year resolutions:
- I've decided to go back swimming (I love it and it's the thing that relaxes me the most, and it's exercise)
- Use the WiiFit at least 30 minutes a day, every day (I'm really focusing on trying to do some more exercise)
- Be more active
- Read more

Now reviewing my 2011 year in stitches I'm quite happy with the result :D, I've finished a couple of projects, and more important than that I finished a HAED for the first time and I'm really proud of it :) and I like to think I've done a good progress on my current WIPs. And here are the photos for them all:


(both sides same image)

(both sides same design)

And my WIPs progress:

Touch of Spring -
              As it was by the end of 2010                                                and it's like this by the end of 2011

Table Cloth 
End of 2010

End of  2011

QS Believe (started in 01/01/2011)

Dragon Fae 1 (started on 25/01/2011)

SK Treasures (started on 17/06/11)

Cross Stitcher Orchid (started on 04/11/11)

And this was my year in stitches :)
Happy New Year!!!!! 
Hugs, Sara


cucki said...

wow so many lovely finishes..i really love the little tiny house..i love the small things you made..
happy new year deary..
love you hugs cucki xx

♥ Nia said...

Feliz Ano Novo!!! :D

Topcho said...

You did great stitchings this past year, love them all!

Anonymous said...

Sara! Hello! I love your stitching! I really liked the kitty that says "stressed out", could you tell me who designed it, I really need it! LOL... Good luck with your swimming! I hope 2012 is a great year for you! Take care!

Rhona said... were busy this year! What great finishes. It's great to look back and see all that you have accomplished in the year.
Good luck with the New year resolutions!

Valentina said...

Congrats for all your finishes, Happy New Year!

Joysze said...

Awesome finishes last year, Sara!! Looking forward to seeing those WIPs turn into finishes this year.

Happy New Year!! :D