Sunday, 12 February 2012

A Late WIPocalypse report

Hi everyone...
As usual I've been so caught up with work... that I'm using all my free time for my stitching... so no blogging, I'm once more trying to caught up with all your amazing blogs too, so I'm sorry if I haven't commented a lot lately :S...
Anyway as I said my free time has been for my stitching and although i thought I didn't have much to report... I've actually manage to do some stitching since my last WIPocalypse report:

I've started the last six projects of CJC -
day 10
Day 11

Day 12
day 13

Day 14

Day 15

After that I started and finished my Spring Biscornu for an exchange at the Friendly Stitchers Yahoo Group
I'm not showing what I sent because it wasn't received yet, but I can show what Melissa sent me :D

Isn't it gorgeous :D I really love it ... Thank you SO MUCH Melissa :D

Then when the biscornu was done I got back to the Day 1 Crazy, Crocus and..... I've finished it as well... I've been debating wether I was going to stitch the red border or not, and while doing the last stitches on the backstitched I decided not to... and frame it on an oval frame I think it's going to be nice, I finished it on Thursday:

 And during my working breaks this weekend I've been stitching some owls my mum asked me to stitch (for a birthday gift for friend). I finished the two big ones, that I'm going to stitch together as a key ring, and now I'm going to stitch a smaller sequence of this owl to make a bookmarker
The two :D

Front (Awake)
Back (Sleeping)

Thanks for keeping up with me :D


Beth Pearce said...

Very cute stitching. Congrats on your finishes!

cucki said...

very sweet stitching..everything is so lovely..
love for you xxx

Topcho said...

Wow you did a lot! The CJ projects look very good amd the flower finish is beautiful. Alos the owls! They are so cute, cute, cute!! I hope your exchange partner gets the biscornu you sent her quick, because I can't wait to see it, lol :)

sharine said...

Great finishes. The owls are to cute!

Minnie said...

I love the biscornu you received and the owls are adorable.

Thoeria said...

Nice starts and the crocus looks pretty too. Very cute owls :) And your biscornu is really lovely!

Blu said...

Very pretty flowers. I just adore the owls! They're so so cute!

Ewa said...

Those owls are so darling! And congrats on the finish! Lovely

Joysze said...

Oh.. I know what you mean.... I'm doing the same here. :(

LOL at those owls... how cute are they????!!!!! Love your Crocus. Do post a piccie of it in the oval frame.

Cute biscornu from Melissa too. Can't wait to see the one you sent out. :D

Mangogirl said...

beautiful stitching I love those owls

Claire said...

well done ^^ I've earmarked those owls from Cross Stitcher as a project for sometime soon

♥ Nia said...

adorei as corujinhas =) tão cute! :)

Anne said...

Adorable biscornu from Melissa! Look at all your projects on the go!! Love crocuses!!They make me happy because spring is around the corner!! Those owls are hooty cute!!

Mary Joan said...

Oh! Oh! I just love the owls. They are soooo cute. They are on my to do list. Well done!