Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Project 2 - Table cloth with flowers

So my second project on my 2 week rotation plan will be the Table Cloth I intend to do for my mom. This project is very special to me, my mom had the fabric (2m X 2m of Aida 14ct) for more than 25 years and she bought it to do a simple table cloth with some cross-stitched flowers on the borders. I remember when I was a kid doing my first stitches and asking her to use that fabric for some projects and she always said no because she was going to do the table cloth (which she never did). A couple of years ago I decided to steal her the fabric and do the table cloth myself for her. I had everything ready: several old threads that my mom had bought for the cloth, the fabric and I made my mom pick the chart without knowing for what it was. I had it on standby for a couple of years and when I moved to Ireland I decided to bring it with me to do it.
Now I plan to finish it before Easter, to give it to my mom when she'll be coming over to visit me for the first time : D

I had started it already last year and this is how it was when I grabbed it on Monday to keep going:

Unfortunately I found out that I ran out of the dark green and I can't find the extra threads I had, and the color I'm using no longer exists (I was using some very old threads from Anchor) I bought the closest tone I could find but it's still very visible the difference between the two threads when stitched so this was my progress on Monday:

I had to frog all the dark green and back almost to the beginning but I hope I'll finish this corner by the en of the second week.
I'll keep you posted ;)

Happy Stitches

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