Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Table cloth

After 2 days cross-stitching I manage to recover my progress; I have redone all the frogging and did a bit more.
But guess what? I ran out of the dark green again, because I wasn't counting with what I happened I started stitching with the dark green I end up picking, but I only had a thread of it with me and I didn't thought I would use the 8meters so quickly (I'm using four strands over one square). Lucky me this thread is recent so I just need to go and buy some more (which I hope I'll be able to do on Friday if I have time) I wouldn't do the same mistake twice anyway.

But since this project is on standby until I buy the thread I'll be going back to Touch of Spring... to finish the page and who knows, start the hand ^^ can't wait to see it.

Meanwhile here is a picture of how the table cloth looks right now.

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Ági said...

Oh, I love this tablecloth. It is going to be wonderful. Congrats.