Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Touch of Spring - K. Koukiotis - 07/02/2011

Since I stopped stitching the table cloth due to the missing thread, I returned to Touch of Spring. I couldn't wait to start stitching the hand and here is my progress up to now, I kinda finish my third page [page 2] only a couple of stitches missing because I'm still waiting for the thread to arrive. and I started page 14, I had to frog and redo nearly 600stitches, but still I think I'm doing a good progress...

Here are the pics:

The general view, I already hit the top and only 40 lines away to reach the bottom.

And a close-up to the first stitches in the hand :) You can see two fingers already :)

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Gizzimomo said...

So pretty.... she's going to be beautiful!