Sunday, 20 February 2011


I know I haven't been posting for longer than what I wanted too, but so much stuff to do for work, that left me with almost no free time for me, so as obvious I preferred to spend that time cross-stitching. Finally I receive the package I was waiting for from 123stitch:

The missing threads for Touch of Spring and all the needed threads to start Dragon Fae 1. Now I've been trying to control myself to not start Dragon Fae until I received my Valentine's gift: StitchEZ Cross Stitch Frame

A StitchEZ Cross Stitch Frame. Can't wait to get it :) . Anyway while I'm waiting I'm focusing on Touch of Spring and I'm getting closer to finish one more full page and one partial page. Actually I'm hoping i can finish both today, so i'll be posting some new progress pictures later on, or so I hope.

Happy stitches =)

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Nina said...

Wow, great stash! :)