Sunday, 19 June 2011

Another goal completed and a new start

On Thursday I finished another column on QS Believe and I completed my 2nd goal for this month. I intended to stitch more on it, but the thrill to start SK Treasures was bigger an on Friday I started it. By the end of today I have more or less 1400stitches done, now I'm not sure if tomorrow I'll add a few more stitches to it or if I start my Tree of Stitches from the TSS, tomorrow I'll see, meanwhile here are some pics of my


anojaa said...

Congrats on your goal finish! QS Believe looks beautiful!
And wow! what a start! Can't wait to seeing more of this!

Anonymous said...

has treasures a lot of kreink in? you gave done loads already

Yiotas Cross Stitch said...

wow this looks lovely