Wednesday, 1 June 2011

End of month balance

As I was hoping I managed to stitch the 300 stitches I wanted on Jasmine, so one more goal completed which makes a total of 6 out of the 7 goals I set up for myself... I must confess I got really surprised since I wasn't expecting to be able to finish that many. Also I already started page 2 of QS Believe :) which will be part of my June goals for sure.

So before I jump to my goal list for June here is a picture of my progress on Jasmine with the 300 stitches done, I decided to do the background, so I can avoid stitching the flowers and leafs out of place (as it happened before, and let me tell you that frogging is really awful for me)

Now as for my goals for June:

1 - Complete goal 5 from last month (the missing row at QS Believe)
2 - Stitch 1,5 or 2 more rows on QS Believe (depending on how fast I complete a row)
3 - Complete the 2nd corner of the table cloth
4 - Complete the 1st page on Dragon Fae 1 (only one row to go)
5 - Finish the background of page 2 on Jasmin (and maybe start some flowers)
6 - Stitch the 1st row of page 16 and 22 of Touch of Spring

*so I-m going for less one goal... will I be able to stitch all?? will see next month right

Happy Stitches everyone

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Joysze said...

This is looking beautiful. :) Good luck with your June goals... I look forward to seeing pics. :D