Sunday, 13 May 2012

A late WIPocalypse... as usual ;)

Hi everyone....
Hope you are all happily stitching :D
I've just realized I forgot my WIPocalypse post so here it is a late one... it's funny that I never realize how much I stitch until I start gathering all the piccies for WIPocalypse and if the past month was a poor one... I'm quite happy with the amount of stitching I did during this month... so I decided to try a sort of new rotation (I now... another one that I'll stop following as soon as I find something else to do :D) for the first half of the month of the month I'll work on the SALs I have going on: Which are: from HAED - SK Treasures (freebie from last year that I still need to finish), QS Bookend Kitties (HAED freebie SAL for this year) and then Dawn of Spring from the Friendly Stitchers and Sweet Flowers from Angie and then on the 2nd half of the month I'll work on the other projects... I'm thinking that if I keep this "routine" I'll be able to keep up with the SAL and still work on my other projects. and I've been focusing on Sweet Flowers since the 1st of May to try and have this part done during this month.
as this has been my focus piece I thought it should be the first one being shown, so last WIPocalypse it was like this:

and now it looks like this:

I finished the side
And nearly finished the 1st center motif

Then I also worked on DoS and finished part 2 just a bit before part 3 was out (I haven't started that one yet)

Last WIPocalypse was like this:

And now it's like this:

I've also worked a tiny lit bit on SK Treasures and on Dragon Fae I

Here are the befores of them both:

And now the afters: 

Thanks for stopping by :D
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Happy Stitches,


Anonymous said...


You've made great progress, your stitching looks great!

Anonymous said...

Your progress looks wonderful =)
You did a lot of stitching in that month =)

Valentina said...

A lot of stitching done! Your wips are coming along nicely.

Thoeria said...

Lots of lovely progress :)

Maud said...

Wow Sara, you've really done a lot! Can't wait to see them IRL at the next Emerald Isle meeting :)

Topcho said...

Great progress on them all! :)

sharine said...

You have done great in the past month!

Julie said...

All looking good.

Joysze said...

Sara..... these are sooooo well worth the wait. They look amazing. :D

mdgtjulie said...

You may want to be sitting down, and not taking a drink, but... I actually posted my WIPacolypse on the right day this month!!! I know, I know, it's amazing. I don't mind that you're late, Sara. And everything looks fabulous. Next month, I'll probably be late with you, lol. Hope you're doing well!!

dulcinella said...

So much pictures and on each piece an amazing progress! I think your rotation method of the month worked really fine:-) I love your projects and am very curious to see a next update, even a late WIPacolypse update!

Kaisievic said...

Lots of fantastic progress, Sara - I am impressed.

Mangogirl said...

gorgeous stitching :)

Anne said...

Pretty impressive!! You stitched a lot on all your WIP's!!! They all look lovely!!