Tuesday, 8 November 2011

My Orchid has all the buds done :D

Yesterday I stitched all the buds on the tip of the orchid, and I started the next three flowers :) So I'm hoping that today I can complete these three flowers an move to the next part of the branch :D... It stitches so fast when there is such a small amount of confetti :D
This was one night of stithing, not bad?!
By the way I'm leaving the backstitching for the end... I know I'm crazy xD...

And here is the picture 

Monday, 7 November 2011

1 flower done several more to go

Yeps... it's true I finished the first flower of my Orchid today :D and I'm loving the colours, I'm really enjoying stitching on this project and more and more I'm convinced that I'll be taking it with me during my 2 week holidays in Portugal (it's nearly here yayyy), so my plan is to follow the green and going down to the tip of the branch and then I'll be returning to the top part of the design to finish the blue bands and then backstitching :D
Hope you enjoy my wee bit of progress since a few days ago ;)

By the way I made a mistake on the previous details I gave I'm actually using aida 18ct 2x1 (and I'm tent stitching the flower shadows as you can see on the little bit that it's already done).

Well hope you like it,
And Happy Stitches

Friday, 4 November 2011

1 ornament finished and few stitches on Orchids

Hi everyone :D
So what have you been up to? Tons of stitching I hope ;)... Well, my needles have been working, almost non-stop and I totally finished my first ornie (although it's for one exchange I can show it here because I believe the person who is going to receive it doesn't follow me).... and finally I can share some pictures of recent projects eheheh
The front (design from Cross Stitcher Issue 244)
Stitched on evenweave 25ct 2x2

and the back (I got the letters on a google search xD)
stitched on evenweave 25ct 2x2

And yes I used a piece of dark blue jeans to make the finished ornament (I just love the contrast between the orange and the jeans)

Now I've also started the Orchids for my other grandma (my father's mother) that I plan to finish before Christmas so that I can give it to her as a X-mas gifts, my grandma loves Orchids and I believe that by now she must have one Orchid of each type at home (for those who are plant lovers you must see my grandma's house, she is amazing with plants, and her house is literately covered in plants, I must take some photos next time I'm there) so I've only put in around 300 stitches tonight but I think it might be quicker to do than the MP, and if I'm lucky I'll be able to leave it at home for framing when I'll be there by the end of this month :D
and this is the first WIP of it, a bit of the top bar:

Design from Cross Stitcher Issue 228
Stitched on evenweave 25ct 1x1 hand-dyed by me in light blue

Hope you like it :D
And Happy Stitches