Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Progress :)

Hi everyone,

So I thought it was time to share a progress picture of my birth sampler... I thought I hadn't stitched much, but looking at my previous post I actually did more than what I thought so I'm a happy camper :) I also knitted the beanie to go with the dress and I've started to knit a cross-over cardigan in pink (pictures of this last one will be on my next post hopefully as for now is just a bunch of "weird" pieces)... 

Hope you enjoy it and thanks for the visit. :)

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Fresh start

Hi everyone,

Do you still remember me? I know it's been nearly an year since I've updated my blog... But 2014 ended up being a roller coaster year... Emotionally wise I hit the top and the bottom so ended up ignoring everything for a really long time, as there was no crafty mojo at all, it only came back by the end of 2014 beginning of 2015... 

So the major event for this year and what made me return to the craft world, is that I'm going to be mum (my baby girl is due by the end of April, beginning of May) so I'm now keeping myself busy knitting for her and I'm stitching her birth sampler...  I want to have as much done as possible, as after she's here I know I won't have any time... 

This also means that from now on, not only will you be seeing not only my stitch progresses, but also my knitting ones... Maybe this might mean more posts in the near future.... But I don't want to make any plan... As every time I did, something came along to ruin them...

So and to start my return in a proper way, here are the pic is of everything I did so far :) 
The birth sampler my OH and I choose for our girl, and a couple of clothes I knitted for her

Thanks for stopping by,