Friday, 20 March 2015

Still around... Busy :))

Hi everyone, 

Didn't notice it has been nearly a month since my last update... Time is definitely flying by lately, and to prove it there's only 6 more weeks for my baby's expected due date.... And still so many things planned to do.... 

So I've still been busy with my knitting and cross-stitch (although not much of the latest to be honest, I have to correct that if I want the birth sampler done in time)....

And this is what I've done so far, And I can now say that I only have 3 official WIPs (2 knitting and 1 cross-stitching) the booties (1 missing) the blanket (half-done) and the birth sampler (20% done)... My plan for the rest of my "free time" (before baby arrives) is to work as much as I can each day on the birth sampler - my back is now starting to hurt after spending sometime doing cross-stitch; knit the blanket if there's still time in the day, and I can no longer stitch, and the booties are my carry along project, for when I'm waiting for the routine appointments at the maternity, and the train...

Now the interesting part... The photos :)

What I've finished

And my official WIPs 

Thanks for stopping by and for your comments,