Monday, 29 August 2016

UNDreaded Monday - want to join a new SAL

Hi everyone,

This week a new month starts which means for the next two weeks my stitching time will be reduced from every night time after DD is asleep to nearly none because of work as I need to work on the PC and I (guess what) I can only do it when said DD is asleep.

So this brought me to my title, in the past I used to set stitching goals for the month and try to achieve them as if it was a race against something which usually I'd loose because I wouldn't meet them all. 
So I thought - rather than complaining that I didn't achieve A, B, C... Goal, I'd celebrate whatever progress I've made no matter if it is just 1 stitch or 1000. And then I had an idea, I'm not the only one dreading this Monday, so why not turn it into something good by making a free non-commitment SAL where the only thing we do is share whatever progress we did on our projects (and a good excuse to remind those like me to make one more post).
If you want to join in just leave a comment with a link to your blog (and next month I'll set it up properly :)

So what have I worked on this month. 

Knitting wise: 
I finished another dress for DD and although I loved it on the needles I didn't like it when she was wearing it, not to mention it was a bit small - so I'll be doing another one similar, but I'll be making some more changes of my own to it (I had changed the sleeves already).

This is the original 

This is how it looked when finished 

And how it looked on her (couldn't get her to stand for me for a proper photo). 

I've started a baby raglan (that I have to unpick because I used the wrong aize pf needles on the bottom) that is going to be a gift for a friend's baby who is due to be born middle November. 

This is how it will be when finished. 

And where I got until I decided I wasn't happy with it. 

I also worked on DD blanket. I wasknitting the border when my mum convinced me I should do it longer, so in goes another pompom ball. 



And finally the shawl I'm knitting as X-mas gift for my mum (I plan to knit another in a different colour for my grandma), couldn't work on it these two weeks as my mum was over. 
How it will look when finished:

My version so far:

I'm adding beads to it:

Now stitching wise:

As promised I'm focusing on NWN only.


Happy with how much I managed to do on my rare free time :)

How about you?

Happy Stitches,














Monday, 22 August 2016

IHSW update

Hi everyone.

I was a late joiner to IHSW this month as my parents are over and until yesterday I was still debating wether I'd be joining this month or not. But then I started reading some blogs and kept seeing the IHSW notice around and decided it was a sign (it was my "kick on the behind" to remind me I'm not going to be another month without sharing news).

And I decided to start big (also I keep hearing my OH making smart remarks as it's been "ages" since I started this project and haven't finished it yet.)

So if you are wondering what I worked on yesterday...

This was it. No Words Needed.

According to my blog, last time I posted was on January 2014, I've stitched a tiny bit more after that post, so I believe this project hasn't seen the light of day for over 2 years (ok my OH might have some reason, but shhhh we don't say that).
I never meant to leave it unloved for such long time. So I've decided that Until it's finished this will be the only cross-stitch project I'll work on (and then I'll have one or two knitting projects on the side).

So I took a close-up picture of where it was left:

And this is how I finished the night yesterday. (I'll be stitching a bit more tonight so hopefully I'll be close to have the page done).

Thanks for stopping by,

Happy Stitches,


Friday, 5 August 2016

Long time no see...

It's been over a year since my last post. But in my defense a lot has happened since then. Being the most important and the reason of me disappearing, the birth of my daughter, who is now a very active toddler. Which means my "me" time was reduced to night time, after she is asleep, and only if I'm not busy working, but I'm still trying to either knit or stitch a bit whenever I have a bit of free time, on the rare occasion when my little monkey takes a nap during the day, and on my days off if I'm not wrecked from all the daily chasing after her...
So this is what i've done since the last time I shared anything...

Few days ago I was able to finally finish my daughter's birth sampler
All that is left to do is wash it and frame it.

And these are the knitted pieces I've done.

Thank you very much if you are still around and following me, I'll try to post more often from now on

Happy stitches