Thursday, 4 November 2010

My recently finished projects

 These are my recently finished projects, I started this dog one year ago and only now I was able to finished. Because I had to change so many times from brown to a different brown and I needed some diversity I was stitching several other projects while doing this.     
I got the chart by converting one photo of the dog to a cross-stitch chart with the PCstitch program. I'm really proud of the final result and I hope that the person who is going to receive it likes it too.

 In relation to this one, I've been away from home for nearly two years, now, and sometimes I really get homesick. One of the things I love is to receive the letters from my aunt Isabel telling me about the latest news from the family and from my country. So because I know she loves cross-stitch and she loves to read I decided to do this bookmarker as a thank you gift for the letters she's sending me.

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