Saturday, 30 April 2011

Before starting the monthly goal

During this week, more precisely on Tuesday and Wednesday I've worked on Dragon Fae, and manage to complete almost two vertical rows, and now the tip of the faery wing and a part of the dragon horn are starting to show. I'm tent stitching the background (it really is fast) and doing the fairy and dragon on full cross-stitching and I can already see it popping from the background, unfortunately is a too small area to be visible on the picture.

Also, I started doing the freebie "Flower Fairy" from DMC, that came with the world of cross stitching, that a friend, Jenny, kindly sent me, and I'm really pleased wirh the progress I'm really enjoying it.  Here are the photos after 1 night stitching and after two night stitching.

I hope you like it.
Happy Stitches

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Ruth said...

Beaurtiful work well done on the progress on both.