Saturday, 14 January 2012

Crazies 10 - 13

I know I was supposed to post daily for the first 15 days, but I also knew that these past 4 days would be the busiest at work and so my stitching time would be reduced to almost none (since I mainly stitch during my working hours :D) but anyway I was able to put a few stitches on my crazies everyday, and so I have 4 more pictures to share with you... and since I'm back to my routine from now to the end of the month I'm back on stitching track :D 

And for Day 10:
British Scene - 10/01/2012

Day 11 (these will be only considered a finish when I've actually finish them into the tags)
Gift Tags 11/01/12
 Day 12 (same as day 11):
Christmas Tags 12/01/12
 And day 13:
Close Up of a Pink Rose - 13/01/12
Thanks for stopping by and reading :D
Happy Stitches


cucki said...

Beautiful stitching and great progress...
Keep well ..happy stitching cucki xxx

Tricia said...

Great progress with your crazies, Im sadden that I wont have mine completed by tomorrow due to a sore elbow and shoulder but r finishes over the next year

Donna said...

Lovely projects you have chosen, i have the gift tags to stitch up as well, so I am looking forward to see your progress!!

Kate said...

You have much such good progress each day, they are looking great!