Wednesday, 25 January 2012

IHSW report and TUSAL

Hi everyone... I know that this post was due on Monday... but life just got on the way.... You know how it is...
So during the weekend I kept loyal to IHSW and stitched as much as I could... (not as much as I wanted) and I'm happilly reporting that I've totally finished a project I started Friday night, the Red Dragon... that I finished as a coaster, with some red matching felt on the back... and I finished the finishing of my Crazy No.6 - I had finished stitching this on the day... but during the weekend I finally decided to finish it as an ornie... and I've been stitching on my Spring Biscornu for an exchange at the Friendly Stitchers Yahoo group.... there'll be no complete photo of this until it's received... but in meantime I'm sharing with you some teasing pics... I must confess I'm loving the effects of the variegated threads on the tea dyed fabric...
Also Monday was TUSAL day... so here are some pictures of my TUSAL box... all the orts are from this year... but as you might see in one of the pictures... I've put in all the bits of the fabri, after separating them... because later on the year I'll be using my ORTS as filling for some ornies.... nothing better than recycling everything right eheheheh....

And now enough with the talk, since you might get bored of reading my ramblings, and lets go to the important part:

Happy Stitches everyone,

Friday, 20 January 2012

IHSW - go and sign in :D

Hi everyone....

Just a quick reminder, for those of you who haven't noticed yet.... this Weekend is THE weekend... and why is it so important.... well it's simple.... it's
\o/ IHSW \o/

so just pop over to Joysze's blog (you just need to press that cutie hermit crab on my side-bar) and sign in for a fun weekend of stitching (no matter if it's only a one stitch weekend or a 10000 stitch weekend... join us :) )


Monday, 16 January 2012

Last two Crazy starts and Theme-a-licious

So yesterday was the 15th, that meant last start on Crazy January and Theme-a-licious progress :D
I couldn't post it yesterday, since my laptop decided not to start (I had to format it again) and just have it working now...

So without more delays here are my 2 last crazy starts:

day 14 - Sweet Flowers SAL (I've changed the colours)
CJC Day 14 - Sweet Flowers SAL
and last one - day 15
Cross Stither - Xmas houses 
Close up 1

Close up 2

Close up 3
I've finished the stitching on day 15, now I just have to finish them as houses, which will take a while xD

Now my second topic:

And this month theme was:
Jardin January
The holidays were a little stressful...let's relax in a nice garden. Work on any piece with flowers or gardens.

So here are all the projects that I've been stitching since the beginning of this month that fall under the garden theme:

Started on the 1st of January - Crocus by DMC:

Started and finished on the 7th of January - Pincushion with flowers:

Started on the 9th of January (although you can't see the flowers yet, it's full of them) - Home sweet home

Started on the 12th of January - Christmas Holly

Started on the 13th of January - You can't seeit yet but it's a "Close up to a Pink Rose"

And finally started on the 14th of January - Sweet Flower SAL

So I'm thinking it was a nice month regarding stitching the theme :D

Thanks for reading :D
And happy Stitches

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Crazies 10 - 13

I know I was supposed to post daily for the first 15 days, but I also knew that these past 4 days would be the busiest at work and so my stitching time would be reduced to almost none (since I mainly stitch during my working hours :D) but anyway I was able to put a few stitches on my crazies everyday, and so I have 4 more pictures to share with you... and since I'm back to my routine from now to the end of the month I'm back on stitching track :D 

And for Day 10:
British Scene - 10/01/2012

Day 11 (these will be only considered a finish when I've actually finish them into the tags)
Gift Tags 11/01/12
 Day 12 (same as day 11):
Christmas Tags 12/01/12
 And day 13:
Close Up of a Pink Rose - 13/01/12
Thanks for stopping by and reading :D
Happy Stitches

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

WIPocalypse - TUSAL - Crazies 8 and 9

Hi everyone,
Today is the first full moon of the year and with that we have WIPocalypse and TUSAL to share :D...
So starting with WIPoalypse, I have several pictures to share this time :) one of my goals is to complete all my CJC, up to the moment, from the 9 projects I've started I've already completed 4 projects:
Day 2
Day 6

Day 7
Day 8

And the other 5 crazy WIPS already started:
Day 1
Day 3

Day 4
Day 5
CJC - Day 9

 The reason why I didnt't stitch more on Crazy 9, it's because I've started another project today as well :D I've started QS Bookend Kitties since this weekend is the SAL weekend on the BB for this project, and this is my project after 2 hours, I'm stitching it on 25ct white Lugana, 2 x 1 tent stitch:
QS Bookend Kities - 09.01.2012
 Full moon also means TUSAL, so here is my picture of my TUSAL box, the threads are just from this year projects, they seem a lot already but it's only because I don't keep the threads from the projects I've already finished, they aren't enough to use on other projects, and I don't know to which brand they belong so I don't want to mix them, I prefer to save them for future fillings :)

Happy Stitches everyone,
And thansk for reading :D

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Day 6 and 7 - 2 Crazies, 2 finishes :D

Hi everyone,
Hope you are all enjoying your weekends stitching (I love to see all your progresses growing :D), I managed to steal some time from work on both days to dedicate mysekf to stitching and I ended up finishing both crazies :D, so I can say the year is starting pretty good (after 7 days I have 3 finishes already, that is definitely much more finishes than last year , yay)...
For day 6 I've changed my project... I've been trying to be a good girl and follow my list, but on Friday I got post, it was Cross Stitcher Magazine, and although I didn't like most of the projects on it (I'll definitely change as soon as my subscription finishes) I fell in love with the Chinese Lunar New Year zodiac signs, and since my boss is Chinese, I thought it was the perfect excuse to stitch the dragon and give it to her near the Chinese New Year... I'm still deciding how I'm going to finish it. I've changed the colours, instead of being all read I did the stitches in purple (her favourite colour) and backstitched in black to be even more visible and I loved the final result (I might do another one, this time in red and black, and I'll give it to another colleague of mine that is also Chinese eheheh) and enough of the talk, here's the picture:

For day 7 I're returned to my list and stitched the freebie pincushion that came with one of the CrossStitcher issues... I know the finishing is far from perfect, but hey, it's for me and I'm awful sewing so I can't complain much ;)

Thanks for stopping by :D
Happy Stitches

Friday, 6 January 2012

Day 5 - One more good crazy day :D

Today I'm really happy with the progress I did on my Crazy No. 5, I've just realized I stitched 800+ stitches in one stitching session (if you look at it, it doesn't feel like it has that many already) as it was mainly one colour it stitched pretty quickly and I could keep stitching until my work shift is over  (in about 3hours) but I'm getting tired already (in my defence it's nearly 6am now, I'm up since 1pm...) and I don't want to mess it up... I loved stitching the fishes in the border and they look so cute :D... I'm really happy I won this giveaway that Kaye was having at the time... Thanks kaye, I'm loving stitching this kit... and so with further ado... here are the pictures of Beach Box 1 as of tonight:

I bet I'll just need another stitching session on it to finish it :D

Thanks for stopping by :D
Happy Stitches

Thursday, 5 January 2012

3rd and 4th Crazies

I know I said I would post about my 3rd Crazy yesterday, but life just got in the way, and next few days will be terribly busy, so my posting time will be shorter (since I don't want to cut on my stitching time, eheheh). I still managed to get a bit of time to start my 3rd Crazy :D "Cute as a Button" and today started my 4th Crazy "Bee Happy", so I'm keeping on track and I'm having even more fun each day :D
And here are the promised piccies of course :D
Crazy No. 3 - Cute as a button

Crazy No. 4 - Bee Happy

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

2nd Crazy - Started and finished and progress on Crazy 1

Well today, being the 2nd day of the Crazies, I started my second Crazy, the small kit Coffee from Bucilla, something very adequate for me and my partner since we both are truly coffee addicts eheheh. Because it was a small pattern I started it, and finished it, today :D so today I had my first finish of the year, not bad huh?!
Since it was still early I stitched a bit more on Crocus, my first crazy and finished two more colours :D...
So I guess I an say I'm keeping up a good pace :D and here are the piccies for today:
My second Crazy finished

Progress on Crocus
Tomorrow there will be more piccies, and a new start :D
Happy Stitches

Monday, 2 January 2012

1st Crazy Day and one more giveaway

So today was finally the first day for the crazies, I was really itching to start it, so after midnight I picked up my day 1 project, I'm really pleased with the end of the day results, 540 stitches done and, I've already completed one of the colours, I'm really enjoying stitching this, is the first time I stitch on 22ct hardanger fabric and I'm loving it, and I love being just bits of colours and seeing it grow so quickly, and of course here is the piccie to share:

Now onto my 2nd topic, Sarah at CraftyMoo, is givingaway some extras she had on her stash that she doesn't plan to stitch more (or she already stitched) and so she wanted the patterns to be loved by someone else ;) if you want just go over there to visit her :D.

See you all tomorrow with a new Crazy and who knows more progress on Crocus :D

Happy Stitches