Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Fancy a full stitchin weekend??

Hi everyone,
We reach middle of the week and there are already 60 stitchers joining on IHSW... Yeaaaahhhhh :)
So many blogs for me to read already, anyway Joysze is trying to increase the number (and to be honest me too because I want to have even more blogs to stalk read) so if you plan to stitch during weekend, a ton or just a ten stitches you should pay a visit to Joysze and join the IHSW, also you should start following her too :) also it will be a great excuse to not do any housework for the weekend right... since you can always say... "Sorry it's the IHSW so I'm supposed to just sit and stitch and nothing else!!"
Also for those of you who are curious about my MP, if you visit Joysze blog after the weekend, you'll be able to have a peak at it, since Joysze is being extremely kind and will post a picture of my progress for me :D

Happy Stithes


CindyMae said...

Found your blog through the IHSW sign ups! Look forward to visiting often!

cucki said...

happy hermitting to us all :)