Wednesday, 12 October 2011

More post and a review :) And IHSW sign up started

Hi everyone,

Before I forget IHSW is starting so press the litte hermiter on my sidebar to heck it out :)

I don't know if you still remember my post a couple of weeks ago about being asked to do a review of a cross stitch kit... well yesterday I got this package waiting for me when I arrived home, I knew immediately what it was because of the big red note, so I ripped the envelope on the spot (as you can see) :)

Inside this was what it was waiting for me, the kit I had chosen was "Close up of a pink rose" I love this type of close up to the flowers but never come across of stitching one, and when I saw it I knew that was the kit for me. So now into the review in itself, I know you can't tell by my photo, but one thing I loved in the cover picture is that you can see exactely how it's going to look in the end because it's a stitched picture

 This is the view of the back of the package where you can see all the threads (already in bobbins and ready to use) waiting for you to start stitching. I really like the the attention they put in to the threads, the fact that they are already all sorted and more than that, that they are sent in bobbins instead of the normal paper thread holders is perfect, for me is perfect because to tell you the truth I hate those paper things, I like to be myself deciding the length of my thread and it's much easier for me to just cut the threads I'm going to use and roll the  rest of the thread again in the bobbin than to keep tying the thread around the hole on the floss organizer and if it's paper it just starts tearing up after taking and tying the floss a few times.
I really liked the way they packed the material, for me it's a bonus just for itself :)

The Threads:
 After taking everything out of the plastic bag to actually touch and play with the kit I realized that what I thought was a bobbin of each colour is actually several bobbins of the same colour, more or less depending of the amount that is used to the chart, what a great idea, instead of having one bulky bobbin they have several all with the same amount of thread, it makes it much easier to work with.
Another thing that I loved is that they send you Madeira threads, I like this brand, the thread is very soft and easy to use (the only reason why I don't use them more often is because they are more expensive and hard to find).
they are gorgeous aren't they?

As per the chart in itself, it's printed in A3 pages, the paper where it was printed is amazing and the size of it it's perfect, the squares are just the perfect size for me neither too big that makes it harder to see the picture and you have to have too much paper for the chart, and neither too small that makes it hard for you to read it and easily identify where you are and where you are going to stitch, better than that it's a black and white chart, and you can still see the picture perfectly well and I can mark my stitches as I usually do :).
Also in the corner where you have the colour code you not only have the code for Madeira, but also for DMC if you prefer (I believe this might be very useful if you opted to buy just the chart instead of the kit, and yes you have that option on their website)
what do you think of it?

As per the fabric:
I didn't take a picture because it's a white piece of Aida 14ct, one thing that surprised me is that the fabric doesn't have that stiff feeling that it's quite usual in Aida special in these counts, the fabric is actually quite soft for an Aida, so I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy stitching it, although I wouldn't pick this count myself, I tend to go for higher counts, 18 or higher, I think my eyes will like to have a rest of my MP that is being stitched on 32ct 1x1 xD. And don't despair if you really don't like Aida or the count because Yiota told me that they are already looking at introducing other fabrics :D

So checking all this and considering the Kit prices I know I will definitely buy a few more charts that I fancy at their website, and if you see something that you like at their website I really recommend you to buy it since it's really worth it :)

Thanks for reading,


Tiki said...

Very nice picture and kit. I'll be watching to see how it comes along.

Anonymous said...

Sooo pretty! I can't wait to see this one stitched up. How thoughtful of them to put the pattern on A3 when we usually have to enlarge them on the photocopier. Great buy!

lanybleu said...

What a great review, the kit looks great and I too love Madeira threads. I will be off now to look at their site.

cucki said...

wowwwwwwwwwwww i love it too..very sweet kit..and the colors are so lovely too..
enjoy stitching it and me cant wait to see your progress on it..
happy stitching dear xxx

shio said...

nice cute kit
beautiful colours ^^

SoCal Debbie said...

I also reviewed a kit from Yiota's. Your floss colors look beautiful. It was a great idea to have several bobbins of the same color instead of one big bulky one. Your rose will be beautiful!

Aurelia Eglantine said...

Wonderful review :) It's so helpful to see how different companies make their kits, as it's so hard to tell from the little photos online exactly what you're buying!

Yiotas Cross Stitch said...

thanks for the review! I am looking forward to see your stitching progress.