Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Again a belated WIPocalypse post

Hi everyone,
Once more I'm late with my reports... but eventually I show up to share ;)... So what have I been doing since my last WIPocalypse:

No1 - I completed the owls which were extremely loved by the birthday person who received it according with my mum, so I'm really pleased (I'm not showing a picture because by now you should be tired of them xD)

No2 - Completed the first section of the Flower Sampler (Crazy 14):

From this
To this

No3 - Completed the Beax Box (Crazy 5):
From this
To this

No4 - Completed two more pages of Touch of Spring (1 full and 1 partial)
From this
To this

No5 - Finished the stitching on "As cute as a button" just the backstitch to go now (Day 3)
From this
To this
No6 - Stitched more on "British Scene" (Crazy 10) (P.S.:forgot to take the after picture so I'll be adding them later sorry)

No7 - Stitched more on the QS Bookend Kitties:
From this
To this

So now you know why I haven't been showing up lately... I've been wee busy stitching xD

Happy Stitches everyone and thanks for reading :D


Jane said...

WOW! Your needle is definitely smoking. Good progress and love seeing the before and after pictures ~ great idea xxx

Donna said...

Your have made great progress on your projects, looking good!!!!!

Joysze said...

Everything looks great, Sara!! :D I would've loved to see those cute owls again. ;)

sharine said...

All look great but I think touch of spring is my favorite.

Kate said...

Oh my! You have been busy :D They all look great and you have made a lot of progress.

Kaisievic said...

Lots of great progress, Sara.

hugs, Kaye xoxox

Anonymous said...


just joined your blog.

Your projects are looking lovely, you've made great progress.

Little Miss Stitchy Stitch said...

I just received a Liebster Blog award and I would like to give this award to you, because I love your blog. You can read all about the award on my blog at
If you decide you would like to accept this award please email me so I can send you the award to post on your blog.

Louanne said...

Well ditto to the last post!
I wanted you to know that I've been nominated for a Leibster Blog Award on my blog and want to pass this on to you in turn.

The details are on my blog at

Shelleen said...

wow, you have been busy. Great progress report.

XXXStitching (Emma) said...

Congrats! I'm awarding you the Liebster award. Check out my latest post for details

Ewa said...

You have done a MASSIVE amount of stitching! It looks great!

Debbie said...

Excellent progress! You should be proud!

The Crafty Princess said...

Hey Sara,
Brilliant progress they all look amazing. I love love Touch of Spring!!!

I've nominated you for the Liebster award as well, congratulations stunner!