Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Monthly goals

Ok so after thinking of this for the past few days I thought that it might be easier for me if instead of a set rotation per month, I set the goals I want to acheive, and then I'll rotate between the projects I want to work on, that way if one project needs a bit more love for a while I can give it to him without feeling guilty for stealing time from another project eheheh. I'll be splitting my goals into two cathegories, the realistic and the dreamworld, so that in the event that I can reach my goals with plenty of time still to go, I can make some indent on the goals planned for the next month :)

So this month I want:

Realistic goals:
- Finish the teddy bear bars (the 2 vertical bars on the picture) - this means frog the inside colour of the bear heads at the bottom  and re-stitch them with the top colour and stitch the missing bear head that is going on the middle.

The before - as of 08.01.2014
- Reach 50% of the Lickle Teddy Sleeping - adjusted to be a Birth Sampler
Lickle Teddy Sleeping as of 08.01.2014
1527 of 6651 stitches done

Dreamworld goal:
- Finish the Lickle Teddy Bear Sleeping
- Stitch 100 stitches on QS Believe

I'll leave you now with the reason why I'm stitching Mojito :)
 I have to keep looking for the threads and make sure they are hidden to avoid this:
Moji stealing my scissor and thread
And of course... chewing the thread...

Thanks for stopping by
Happy Stitches,


Emma/Itzy said...

Haha, the pictures made me laugh, I have a similar issue with my four legged friend!

Thoeria said...

luck with the goals Sara Lol....I loved that you split into the real and dream world :D
Your Moji is adorable!

Rai Rai's Stitches said...

What do you use to grid with? It looks shiny.