Saturday, 1 February 2014

January Review and Goals for February

Hi everyone,

Today is the 1st of February (gosh is it just me who feels time flied).
So it's time to do the balance for January and list my plans for February.

My realistic goals for January were:
- To complete the bear bars - Done
Before - 01.01.2014

After - Finished on 14.01.2014

And to reach 50% of the Lickle Teddy - A Bit Sleeping - When I stopped stitching yesterday evening I had 68.12% done (that is 5518 stitches out of 8100stitches).
And this is how it was looking, the bright pink of the body is complete, and I just have to finish the date and weight to finish the light purple. One interesting thing to notice is that both the name and date use the same thread, but the name looks totally different because of the bling gutterman thread added :)
Before - Licke Teddy - 01.01.2014

After - Lickle Teddy - 31.01.2014
I wasn't able to reach any of my dreamworld goals but to be honest I never believed I would be able to achieve them, I'm happy to have them there just to try and achieve a bit more as I did this month.

Now as for my February Goals:

Realistic Goals:
- Finish the Birth Sampler (preferably before the 10th of February to have time to frame it before visiting my brother and his family)
- Stitch 600 stitches on QS Believe

Dreamworld goals:
- Complete the partial page on QS Believe
- Stitch 100 stitches on QS Bookend Kitties

Lets see if I'll be as good as I was this month :)

Thanks for stopping by
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Tiki said...

Great job on your goals for the month. Lickle Teddy looks great. You're not alone, I'm always wondering who set the speed on the hands of time.

Lonneke said...

Well done! Lickle Teddy looks great.

Emma/Itzy said...

Well done on reaching your goals!

Linda said...

Thanks you for visiting my blog Sara. I just became a follower of yours. Great stitching.


Anne said...

Great progress so far Sara! I love the Lickle Teddy!! He's a darling teddy bear :D

Joysze said...

Awesome with January's goals!! I sooooo think you'll be able to finish and frame birth sampler by the 10th. GO, SARA, GO!!! :D

Well, since we're supposed to be good this year, I think it'd be save to say February will be a good month as well. ;)

Stitching Noni said...

Great job on your January goals!!
Love Lickle Teddy - can't wait to see him finished :o)

Filipe Ribeiro said...

Nada como um bom velho comentário em português!!! Sara, ainda bem que voltaste a bloggar em força!! Beijinho

Zurainny Ismail said...

Yupp, better to have some goals than none, they help to spur us into some action. And I love the idea of mixing threads & creating the subtle bling effect. It's really lovely.