Thursday, 20 March 2014

Better late than never.... WIPocalypse and Turtle Trot

Hi everyone,

I've been wee busy with work so my stitching time was reduced drastically until now... But I've been stitching (and stashing as you will see) whenever I get a few minutes free.

Since the begining of this month I've focuses on my exchange project so there will be no pictures of it (for obvious reasons) until the person receives it :) I can say I'm now nearly finished with the stitching part and then just have to decide how I'm going to actually finish it.

Since last Turtle Trot and WIPocalypse the only project I stitched apart from the exchange project was QS Butterfly.
And this was how it looked before the WIPocalypse, had a bit less done during the Turtle Trot.

 And this is how it is now:

As I said I might not have stitched much but I've definitely been stashing and received the 2 big orders I had placed at the beginning of the month :) I got some extra money that I wasn't counting at all so my sweet other half pushed me to spend it with me and with my "addiction" and so this was what I received:

1st package coming from UK:
 5 Fat Quarter white 28ct Lugana, 1 thread snipper and 250 plastic bobbins (for my second package)

And the reason why I needed so many plastic bobbins - My 2nd package coming from USA and that arrived yesterday:
 All the DMC threads I was missing to have a full set of DMC (it's not totally full as I missed 3 threads... but it's now only 3 threads rather than 175+ I was missing before)

And this was what I spent my entire day yesterday and half day today doing:
Getting the threads on the bobbins and on their boxes :) I'm so happy with it :)

Thanks for stopping by,
Happy Stitches


Caitlin @ Naughts Cross Stitches said...

Gorgeous stitching :-D it's wonderful to have the full collection that is my goAl but it will take a bit

sharine said...

Very pretty stitching. I'm guessing you never want to see another bobbin again?lol:)

cucki said...

Wow sweet threads..great
Pretty stitching x

Lulu said...

Beautiful progress on your butterfly and good for you on getting a complete set of DMC colors. That should make kitting up projects a breeze.

Pull the other thread said...

Wonderful stitching progress. Great stash enhancement!

Minnie said...

Beautiful stitching and I hope you had one of those little bobbin winder things to help with all your new floss.

Linda said...

Great new stash Sara. Awesome progress on Butterfly.


Julie said...

Your Butterfly is really coming along.Love all your goodies.

The Crafty Princess said...

Nice progress on the butterfly. Wow you're hands must be tired after all that winding. But it's a great idea. I've often thought of just getting a full set of DMC instead of kitting up per chart. It might be something to consider as storage space is getting crazy in my craft room with 52 wips.
Good luck for your next turtle trot!
Alicia xo

ricketyjo said...

fab progress on your butterfly, and I'm happy to see all your lovely threads lined up in their boxes... I have the full set too and I have to admit, it makes me feel quite relaxed that I should be able to start any project I feel like by having them all!

Marlene Jones said...

Your threads look pure heaven, mine always make me smile.