Thursday, 15 September 2016

Weekly update

Hi everyone,

So sticking to my decision of blogging more often, here it is my weekly progress with my daily pictures of my SOLO projects. NWN didn't see much progress this werk as i could only work on it Monday and Tuesday nights (my nights off of work) and there's no stitching chance while DD is up, and I spent The full monday evening gridding the next page and finding a solution to replace the frame I'm using, as I'm not liking it as it's not keeping the tension tight as I like (ended up ordering my first q-snaps onlin to see if it fixes my problem) and I've tried to put it in on of my scroll frames but it's even worse as the sides are loose (went with it yesterday as I didn't want to spend more of the stitching time trying to sort it out but it's making my progress slower as I have to keep holding the side to keep the tension). Anyway, to make up for it my Baby raghlan as grown quite a bit.

So NWN progress:
SS08 - 12/09/16 - No stutching just gridding

SS08 - Close up
SS09 - 13/09/16
According to the chart I've reached halfway of the lenght on this page :) (So eventually when I've this row of pages done I'll have more than half of the chart stitched, as the mark is at the middle of the page more or less)

And my knitting progress on the Baby Raghlan:
KS02 -08/09/16

KS03 - 10/09/16

KS04 - 11/09/16

KS05 - 12/09/16 - 1st part of the body done

KS06 - 13/06/16 - Body and 1 arm done

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Lesley said...

Gridding is progress because you can get right on and stitch when you have time:) I use plastic snap frames now,I like them.I cannot stitch in hand neatly,I wish I could.
Your knitting is coming along well.

Pull the other thread said...

Sorry to hear you have been having problems with your stitching frames. I hope the Q Snaps work out for you, I love mine. Love your knitting as well, so cute!

Gillie said...

Hope you like the qsnaps, Sara, must admit I do, light to hold and don't leave too heavy an indentation on the fabric. Not a gridder but wondering whether I should, don't ask me why I say that 😜

Tiffstitch said...

Excellent progress on the sweater and I believe gridding is progress too.

The Crafty Princess said...

I use Q-snaps too and I think the keep the tension really well. I hope this sorts out your tension probs.
Have fun
xo Alicia

Kaisievic said...

Well done with the gridding, good luck with the Q snaps and the baby knitting is looking gorgeous.

Brigitte said...

This baby sweater will be so sweet. And wow, you have gridded a lot on your big project. I have only gridded once so I know it's a lot of work and takes a while.
I hope you will like your q-snaps.

Justine said...

Hope you get on with your qsnaps. I love mine though still stitch quicker in hand as that's how I taught myself to stitch.
I don't grid either but I think it's necessary for these really large pieces.

Katie said...

I can't imagine life without my Qsnaps any more. They hold the fabric so tight. I hope you like it too. Amazing progress on your knitting though.