Monday, 19 September 2016

IHSW check-in and result.

Hi everyone,

So although I've signed up for the IHSW I only noticed I had forgotten to do the "before post" yesterday (Sunday) so opted for leaving a 2-1 post for today.

So let me start by showing you my progress on My SOLO pieces on Thursday and Friday (preparing for IHSW):

SS10 - 15/09/16 - 1st symbol of this page all done

SS11 - 16/09/16

Baby Raghlan:
KS07 - 15/09/16 - start on the second sleeve
KS08 - 16/09/16

And now what have I done during the official IHSW (my days off are Monday and Tuesday, so in theory my IHSW will only finish tomorrow ;) which are the two days I can stitch/knit to my heart content)

Saturday I've finished like this:

Didn't work on NWN as it was a busy day/night with work and Little Miss, so I knew there was no hope for me to stitch unless I wanted to frog everything on the following day.

But made up on the knitting front, finished the sleeve and started the top joining everything together:
KS09 - 17/09/16
And on Sunday this was how I finished:

SS12 - 18/09/16 - Finished 2nd symbol and started the 3rd
Baby Raglan:

KS10 - 18/09/16

Thanks for stopping by
Happy Stitches :)


Pull the other thread said...

Great progress on both, very successful IHSW.

diamondc said...

Xeihua: Beautiful little sweater, I do not knit or crochet, I really enjoy seeing what other people are doing.
I am very interested in seeing the progress on your cross stitch project, it looks very interesting.
Thank-you for stopping by my blog.


Tiffstitch said...

Wow! Great progress on both!

Justine said...

Great progress on both your pieces! I love your cross stitch - can I ask roughly how many colours are there in the background? It is so effective. And great job on the cute baby raglan too.

Bea said...

Excellent progress on both pieces. That little sweater is lovely.

Brigitte said...

Wow, that was a very successful Permitting weekend for you. You made some nice progress on both your Solo projects, the stitchy and the knitty one.

Kaisievic said...

ooh, loving the little jumper - so sweet!