Saturday, 21 July 2018

Ups!! Nearly a month since my last post

Hi everyone,

Sorry for not sharing my progress any sooner, I always mean to do it, but then when I'm on the pc I have to work and end up forgetting to do my update even because I need to be sharing the photos to have access to them here to upload them. I really need to find a good app for the phone that allows me to do the update directly from there (I tried to use the blogger on the phone as I do here and just doesn't combine with me it's completely not phone friendly in my opinion), so if you have any good suggestion do share :)
However even though I haven't shared my progress here my needles have been busy.... some times more than others, but stitching on a regular basis and I'm now on cat number 4 (only this one and one more to have it all done and just finish it).
And this is all I've done up until now... get ready for lots of pictures as I'm still taking a photo at the end of each session.

Thanks for stopping by,
Happy Stitches


Astrids dragon said...

Another adorable finish and a great start!
I need to find my photos to send you what I've done.

Katie said...

Beautiful progress! No suggestions to help here. I use my laptop or desktop to do any blogging. Just easier for me.

butterfly said...

lovely stitching love those cats .
Well I have just brought a new tablet , and thought this would be easy to take with me everywhere but forgot I have to learn all new things on there , it took me a few hours to know how to turn it off and on ha .
So now I have brought a book and still learning.