Saturday, 29 September 2012

I'm still here...and I'm stitching

Hi everyone
Olá a todos

I'm still here and I've been stitching since my last post.... I just can't share any photos yet as it's part of an exchange and I don't want to ruin any surprise :D
Eu ainda por aqui ando e tenho conitnuado a bordar desde o meu ultimo post.... só não posso é partilhar fotos porque o bordado faz parte de uma troca e eu não quero estragar a surpresa :D

I was talking with a friend and we were chatting regarding our stitching... she loves to make the Joanne Elliot designs, and the Chatelaine designs and Nora Cobbertt and other similars... but she's afraid of starting an HAED (I'm trying to get her to start one eheheheh) While (as you all might have noticed by now) me I love the HAED but I have to admit I'm afraid of trying the Joanne Elliot and Nora Corbet ones because of the beading and the Chatelaines because of all the speciallity stitches... (I know that with practice I can do it... but I don't like to practice... and I'm afraid of ruin such lovely pieces)
Eu estava a falar com uma amiga e nós estavamos a conversar sobre os nossos bordados... ela adora bordar os desenhos da Joanne Elliott e os Chatellaine e da Nora Cobbertt e outros parecidos.... mas têm medo de começar um HAED (eu estou a tentar convencê-la a começar um)... Enquanto eu (como vocês já devem ter reparado) adoro os HAED mas tenho que admitir que tenho medo de tentar bordar os da Joanne Elliot ou da Nora Cobert por causa de todas as missangas e os Chatelaine por causa de todos os pontos especiais (Eu sei que se eu praticar eu consigo fazê-los.... mas eu não gosto de praticar... e tenho medo de estragar os bordados)

So since I don't have any pics to share I have a few questions for you if you want to share :D...
Are you afraid of any type/artist/design of stitching... why? And what do you love to stitch the most and what would you say to someone who is afraid of stitching it... what would be the easy parts and not so easy parts?
Então uma vez que eu não tenho fotos eu tenho algumas perguntas para vocês se quiserem partilhar :D...
Vocês têm medo de fazer algum tipo/artista/desenho específico... porquê? E o que é que vocês mais gostam de bordar e o que é que diriam a alguém que tem medo de experimentar esse tipo de bordado... quais são as partes mais fáceis e as menos faceis?

Thanks for all your opinions... I will definitely enjoy reading your posts :D
Obrigada pelos vossos comentários... de certeza que eu vou gostar de os ler :D


cucki said...

Hello deary enjoy your stitching
Me sending you big hugs and love xxx

stitcheranon said...

Hi sweetie. I was afraid of all speciality stitches. I decided to take the bull by the horns and joined in with the Papillion SAL..which soon frightened me and I put it down. However: I recently did a needleroll (my first) with speciality stitches in and I realised they are not that difficult. You just have to take your time and learn as you go. I would say it is about the same in fear factor as switching from aida to evenweave the first time. Why not start with something small, like a needle roll to get your confidence and then the world is your oyster! As soon as I finish my christmas exhange peices I will go back to my SAL. The JCS xmas mags always seem to have rolls with speciality stitches. I promise, you will enjoy it when you get going and because it is a smaller piece you wont be so worried about ruining it xxx Good luck xx

lanybleu said...

When I started speciality stitching I was really scared of cutting, I am fine now in fact I really enjoy it, I just make sure I am concentrating and double check before cutting and even then if things go drastically wrong it can be fixed.
I would just say take your time and using the internet for help can be a blessing there are lot of tutorials on there that usually help a lot.
My fav to stitch are samplers with lots of beads and speciality stitch's

Annie said...

Like your friend I love the Nora Corbett, Mirabilia, and Joan Elliott series. The beading is not hard at all, just time consuming. If you can stitch a HAED, you can definitely do these! My one piece of advice on the beading on these is to do the beading as you go instead of doing it after all the stitching. I realize this is not how it's "supposed" to be done, but I find it's so much less work this way. I just bring the threaded needle up just like a regular stitch, put the bead right onto the floss and do the first half of the cross. I go on with the rest of the row normally, and when I come back to cross my stitches and get to the beaded one I put my needle through the bead a second time and finish the cross. The beads lay nicely on top of the stitching, and I know each one is firmly attatched.

I was intimidated by the HAEDs, but started my first one several months ago and now I'm hooked!
Once you try something new you'll probably love it and wish you would've started sooner.
Good luck to you and your stitching friend!

Nicole said...

I've always been intimidated by Hardanger, but have taken the opportunity of working it instead of avoiding if I ever had the choice in a pattern. I love it now, can't believe I was ever afraid!

♥ Nia said...

Eu também tinha medo de começar uma Pixie da Nora Corbett :) mas depois de fazer a primeira? Apaixonei-me! Quero bordar mais!! Só estou à espera de ter uma oportunidade na fila de coisas que tenho sempre em produção :p ehehehe Mas conto bordar outra amiga para a minha Bluebell ;)
Por isso, reconheço bem esse medo de começar algo 'grande', também pensava assim antes da Bluebell.. quem sabe qualquer dia ainda me aventuro com um HAED também! hehehe Por enquanto estou como a tua amiga.. parecem trabalhos tãooooooo grandes :p Mas lindos de ver :D

rosey175 said...

Hi~ I've found your blog through a comment on another blog (which one?! lol).

I think I'm afraid of really, REALLY big projects. Ones that I'd start stitching with such enthusiasm and then despise by the middle and never want to touch it again. I love to stitch French knots and backstitching which seems to bring screams of horror from so many stitchers, lol! French knots are so fun but I think if someone was really against them, I'd say to use beads or possibly try a colonial knot. :D

The Crafty Princess said...

I'm just afraid that I can't stop starting new projects!! I've had 3 new starts in the last month and bought 5 new charts and projects which I'm itching to stitch. That's my only problem. I don't know what advice to give as I don't even take my own advice. Basically I'm hopeless. Good post Xeihua, great question. I enjoyed reading everyones comments they were really interesting. xxoxx

blue star stitcher said...

Loved reading everyone else's answers to your questions. I am also not a fan of specialty stitches, but find I do ok if I can get someone else to show me how to do them, instead of just trying to read directions/follow illustrations.

Chris said...


Thank you for your comments on my blog and to answer your question I am not really afraid of any designs accept hardanger and I hate Margaret Sherry with those funny half stitches..I had to do one for a RR and it was a nightmare!
Chris xx

EvalinaMaria said...

I do not think I'm afraid of anything. Specialty stitches are OK. But there is something I dislike - partial stitches combined with confetti.

Joysze said...

You should make easy other a deal. You start a JE, Mira, or Chat and she starts a HAED.

Then, you can support each other through what is, you will BOTH discover, an easy process. And then you'll be laughing about why you were too afraid to start.

I've done them all... and I will tell you that you can both do them all. Trust me. ;)

What I'm afraid of doing, nothing. What I hate to do... embroidery, cos I don't like having stitch outside the lines and I'm so anal that I keep adjust them. ;)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I don't enjoy the HAED style stitching or free style stitching (like Joysze said).
I do love Nora and Joan's designs though. Tips for first timers? Use 28 count evenweave rather than 32 so you can see what you're doing more easily. Bead at the end so you don't get threads caught on the beads. Photocopy the chart and colour it as you go to keep your place.
Speciality stitches? Get some good clear picture instructions and follow them carefully. Experiment with different strands of thread. Some stitches look better in 1 strand, some in 2.
Have fun!