Wednesday, 20 June 2018

1 Cat and one spine done

Hi everyone,

As I shared on my last post I didn’t finish the cat during the official IHSW, but as my weekend only starts on Monday, I was more than able to finish it during the afternoon on Monday and I moved on to stitch the “title” (it says "Recipe Book" in Portuguese) and on Tuesday I stitched the two little motifs on top and below the letters on the part that will be the spine of the binder cover. Today I’m starting the second cat. So expect more photos soon. Also if you want to see my daily progress I started an account on instagram where I’m sharing the photos daily of my progress. If you want to check it out, look for me @Sarascraftsandothers there.

Day 13 - 18.06.18 - 1st cat complete, Back side done. 
Day 13 - 18.06.18 - Full view of the Binder cover with the letters in
Day 13 - 18.06.18 - Close up on the front (just missing the 4 cats)
Day 14 - 19.06.18 - Cover spine complete

Day 14 - 19.06.18 - Close up of the cupcake (from the cat pattern on the back)

Day 14 - 19.06.18 - Close up of the broken egg (from the pattern of one of the cats that will go in the front)

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DJ said...

What a cute pattern! I'm intrigued to see how this works up, so I'll be back to visit! Lovely stitching too!

The Crafty Princess said...

Wow that looks so cool! Congrats on completing the first cat. I didn't know this was a book cover I must have misread your original post. Now I'm even more excited to see how this looks finished. You're doing great. I'll follow you on Instagram too.
Love it.
xo Alicia

Katie said...

Too cool. Great job so far. I followed you on Intagram. I'm @dragonsluver.

Emma Louise said...

What a great idea for such a lovely pattern! Did you measure a book you wanted to fill for it?

Rhona said...

Looks wonderful! I'm off to follow you on Instagram :)