Friday, 1 July 2011

Dragon Fae 1 and Tree of Stitches

As the title says, that's what I've been working on this week, I've done a couple more stitches on Dragon Fae and completed my first page, and did a bit more, and managed to stitch up to Part 7 on my Tree of Stitches, I must say i'm really enjoying learning all the new stitches :)

And here are the pictures of my work


lanybleu said...

Your tree of stitches is looking really lovely.
Its a great project isnt it.

wendy111 said...

You tree is really growing, and I love that it is continuing to be so colourful. Congrats on getting the first page done - that is one page closer to finishing

cucki said...

hello dear, your tree is stitches is really looking so lovely..i love it so much...looking so beautiful..
well done on finishing the first page..keep it up dear and soon it will be finished..have a lovely weekend and happy stitching.
love you xx

Joysze said...

Your tree is progressing beautifully. Dragon looks great as well. :)