Friday, 15 July 2011

Two days progress on Jasmin

I'm really happy with the amount of progress I did in two days so I decided to share with you, I stithed around 700 stitches per night and I'm really liking because not only I see the background grow, but I can see where the leaves and flowers will go.
Now if I manage to keep this rhythm I think I'll have a finish earlier than I thought :) and there's IHSW coming to stitch even more :)

This is how it was on Tuesday before I pick it:

And this is how it is when I stopped on Thursday night:


cucki said...

wow..super fast speedy is really looking so pretty and so cute..keep it up dear..happy stitching xx

Delphyne said...

That's fantastic progress. :)

Joysze said...

WOW, that's fast progress, Xeihua. I'll bet you'll have the blues all done and the flowers started by the weekend. :D

Jennifer M. said...

Very pretty! I must say you are a quick stitcher or you just stitch in an evening and don't even look at the clock. That is what I do. ;)

Looking forward to seeing this finished.